Why Did I Get A Deposit From SSA Treas 310? Governmental Refunds

Why Did I Get A Deposit From SSA Treas 310.

One of the most important aspects of any country’s economy is the taxes and other payments civilians make to the Government. 

These payments allow the Government to run activities that keep the citizens safe and pay public servants.

In the US, most people deal with the SSI and IRS, and most of the time, you are giving them money. 

At times, you could get a deposit into your account, and you don’t know why you got it, so let’s get into the details to help you understand this;

Why Did I Get A Deposit From SSA Treas 310?

This is a deposit from the Social Security Administration, and it is usually a special refund or compensation. It could be a refund from a miscalculation on their side or compensation for disability or retirement. There are several reasons for this, and you can call the SSA to confirm your case.

How To Avoid Social Security Overpayments

Social security payments are a valuable part of most people in the US, and it can be rather scary when you receive a notice of overpayment. 

These letters often come after a difference in earnings or family; they allege to have paid you more money than they should.

If you get these letters, there is a process to follow. Unless guided otherwise by the SSA, you have three choices, pay the amount back in 30 days, appeal their verdict in 60 days, or get a waiver.

Your choice will depend on your circumstance and the money you have. There are a lot of bad calculations by the SSA, so it isn’t always a good idea to pay back the amount. If you did your calculations and know they are right, pay them back.

The soundest move would be an appeal, and the best thing is to file the appeal in 30 days, so the sum is not reversed. 

Should you wait for 60 days, the reversal process will have started, and the money will be cut down or eliminated until after the case.

Please contact the SSA to figure out why they believe it’s an overpayment before writing your letter. 

Accompany the letter with your form for a reconsideration request and a copy of their letter with proof that they are wrong for changing your payment.

It will take four weeks for you to get a response, at which point they will ask for more information, agree with your appeal, or disagree with it. 

If the answer is a no, it might be best to see an attorney or pay the overpayment back if you can afford it.

If you want to get a waiver, it might also be a good idea to get some professional help which will help you avoid possible friction with the SSA.


The SSA often deposits money into accounts to help citizens get by, and you need to be keen about the sum you get. Should you get notified of an overpayment, make sure you look into it and repay the overpayment or appeal the overpayment. 


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