Why Are Flies So Annoying? Dealing with Pesky Insects

Why Are Flies So Annoying

We live in a bizarre world with many creepy creatures that can bite your hand off with a single strike or release a poison that can kill as many as twenty men in minutes. These are dangerous, but the average person is unlikely to come across them in a lifetime.

Some species are closer to us, and we meet them every day, flies. They might not be poisonous, and they can’t kill you instantly, but they can annoy you like nothing else. Let us look into this insect to see what makes it so annoying;

Why Are Flies So Annoying? 

Flies are annoying because they are an active nuisance that focuses on the face. Thus it is hard to ignore their presence. Other insects try to keep away from humans, but flies do the opposite and fly around your face and mouth. You have to wave them away with your hands repeatedly, but they are quick and hard to hit.

Why Are Flies Attracted to Your Face?

Flies are always following and messing with us, so it might be worth looking at the details of why they are attracted to humans and their persistence. Flies are annoying because they come towards your face and mouth. Let us get into the details;

1. The exposed skin on your face

Most people have their whole faces exposed all day long, so it is suitable for flies. You might tuck your arms into a sleeve, but the face is often open and easily accessible for flies to land.

2. The breath from your mouth and nose

Flies are not attracted to the bad breath, so chewing mints won’t help; they come because of the carbon dioxide you exhale. Flies taste the carbon dioxide from your breath, and they like it; hence they stay around to get more; as long as you breathe, you will have flies around you.

3. You are a reliable water source

Flies get thirsty when there isn’t water around, so they land on your face to drink your sweat. Sweat has numerous proteins and salts. They also drink tears; hence they come at the face since there isn’t much in the way.

4. They love eating your flaking skin cells

As you live, new cells develop, and others die all around your body; on your skin, the flies are always there to eat these cells. There is so much to eat, which is why flies always come in numbers to make your day challenging.

Flies have 6000 eyes on each side, so they perceive 12000 images at any point. As such, no matter how much you try to surprise them, they will always see you coming. Their special wings allow flies to fly in all directions and change their angle instantly.


Flies are annoying because of the additional attention they give to your face. They are quick and can fly in many directions; therefore, it is hard to kill them. You can always use repellants and insecticides to keep them away if flies become too big a problem.


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