KIVI 55UK30S 4K TV Review

KIVI 55UK30S 4K TV Review

One such young manufacturer is KIVI (Kindle Vision), a new modern European brand of TVs. The project was launched on the Russian market in March 2018, and in August the sales of self-assembled televisions began. With this TV you can also play games, just connect your best steering wheel PS4 and already enjoy it to the full!

We decided to see what alternative to well-known manufacturers KIVI can offer for significantly less money and took KIVI 55UK30S 4K TV for a test.

Speakers (W)  2 x 10
Surround sound Dolby Digital
processor Cortex-A9
Number of cores 2
Processor Frequency 1.3 GHz
Built-in memory 8 GB
Ethernet (LAN)/ WiFi +
Power Consumption (W) 95
Net weight  16.1 kg


The appearance of the TV is simple and sleek, it will fit into any interior. The frame is gray and thin, the matrix is matte and does a great job with glare. The design is minimalist and simple, so it doesn’t distract from the picture itself.

The TV stands firmly on two steel legs with four support points, which are glued on to protect the surface of a table or drawer from scratches. There are no controls on the front, just a small logo and a remote control sensor next to one of the legs.

In terms of thickness, the TV is different on top and bottom. The upper part is thin, and the lower part houses the electronic stuffing. This is where the switching unit and the non-removable power cord are located. On the sticker you can find the model name, its characteristics and the serial number, with which you should contact technical support for advice. On the top edge of the thick part there is a cooling grill, on the bottom – the on/off button, a four-position joystick control with a built-in button and two speakers behind the grill. The speakers are small, their volume reserve is small, the bass is faintly audible, but the location allows you to create a surround sound effect.

Picture Quality

Certainly the image quality is one of the main parameters by which the TV is selected. The 4K UHD matrix with a physical resolution of 3840 x 2160 gives a very detailed image. 

The backlighting is not very even, with spots of higher brightness noticeable in a few places, but you can only see them in dark scenes with a bright subject. In most usage scenarios you won’t pay attention to this.

Viewing angles are good, the image becomes fainter only at a fairly large horizontal or vertical deviation, all the inhabitants of the couch will see the movie image equally colorful and high quality.

Color rendering is different from the reference – it is cooler and less contrasty. There is no flicker, and the brightness and temperature of the image can be adjusted in the menu to suit your visual perception. Most users will leave the factory settings, as the detail matrix and richness of the picture leveled all the flaws.


The KIVI 55UK30S TV has a very good 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) matrix and SMART capabilities of its own Android-based shell. It does a great job of playing terrestrial TV and most video content formats.  The TV has a concise design and good functionality, it can become a universal home multimedia center if an external device is used as a 4K source. 


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