How To Remove A Security Tag:  Simple DIY hacks

How To Remove A Security Tag

Security tags are fixed in clothes by clothing stores to prevent theft. So how does a  security tag work? Should someone try to steal in a clothing store, the security tag sets off an alarm. 

A times shop attendants might forget to remove a security tag in a garment for you after you have checked out. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, most people resulted to buying things online. 

Such shipments often come with the store’s tag. Removing the tag by yourself can be a hectic task that might ruin the garment. 

Are you in such a situation? Worry no more; here’s what you can do to prevent ruining your garment while removing a security tag. 

But first: You need to determine the type of tag you are removing as there are two types of tags. 

The two main types of tags 

  • Ink tags: It usually is circular and white or red. The tag usually contains pink, red, or yellow, and blue ink that may combine. The tag will “explode” following improper attempts to remove it.
  • Sensor tags are usually beige or clear plastic pills containing black and red ink.

Some of the ways to properly remove the tag

  1. Using Rubber Bands: You can use one or more bands. Wrap a large rubber band around the pin on the inside of your garment near the ink-cartridge portion of the tag severally till it is tight. It should separate the two pieces, but use a second rubber band if one band fails.  
  2. Using A Lighter: Melt the top of the cone on the ink tag. The process takes about 15 seconds. Use a knife to remove the melted part of the cone off. 

Carefully burst out the first ball bearing using the knife, followed by the remaining bearings. 

Once the first ball bearing successfully pops out, popping out the rest should be an easy task for you. 

Lastly, you should slide the two pieces of the tag apart. The tag easily comes apart once you have successfully removed all the ball bearings. 

  • Use A High-Powered Magnet: Place the garment on the table with the magnet on the top side up on the tag. 

Once you hear a clicking sound, juggle the pin up and down, the tag should pop out. It is the best way to remove a magnet security tag. 

  • Using Needle-Nose Pliers: You should use two pliers to hold the tag. Note that the ink cartridge should be side up. 

Hold one end of the tag with one of the pliers and the other with another set of pliers. Bend both sides gently but avoid bending any side too hard. Doing this will crack the tag and spill the ink. 

  • Refrain from freezing the garment to remove an ink tag: Although some people use this method and advise people to use this method to remove an ink tag, it is not the safest and best method. 

This method might still stain your cloth even after placing it in the freezer because some ink is treated with anti-freeze.


Removing a security tag should not trouble you. By following the simple instructions for each method, you will remove the tag successfully without damaging the garment. However, you should not use this to shoplift clothes from stores. 


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