Why Is My Girlfriend So Mean To Me? Figuring Relationships Out

Why Is My Girlfriend So Mean To Me

Relationships are hard, and they take a lot of commitment and time. At the start, everything might be all fun and games since you are new and everything is exciting, but this will not stay that way. 

Each relationship is bound to experience some problems in the future. Girls are complicated, and it might not always be easy to understand what is going on in their heads. 

You could have been in a relationship for some time, then out of nowhere, your girlfriend becomes mean to you. Let us look at possible reasons for this;

Why Is My Girlfriend So Mean To Me?

The most obvious reason is that you might have done something that offended her without knowing. 

You could have picked up a habit or friends she doesn’t appreciate, so she is mad at you, and it is hard to be nice to a person you are mad at. She may be stressed out about something else, reflecting on you as being mean.

Other Reasons You Couldn’t Be Getting Along

Having constant arguments or mean treatment from your girlfriend doesn’t always mean you did something wrong. 

Your girlfriend could be frustrated by something she’s going through, and she’s taking out the frustration on you.

Try to listen to her, so you know what is going on with her to help her out if possible. If not, take the mean girl and hold her till she knows you are there for her, and she should open up about her problem or reason for being mean to you.

If you did something behind her back and kept it from her, you should consider that she found out about it, which changed her behavior towards you. 

Most people are not straightforward enough to talk, so they change their treatment of the people they have negative feelings about.

If you make a promise to your girlfriend, make sure you move heaven and earth to keep it in the time frame you promised.

Check the expectations you set for someone when you meet. When you met, you must have treated your girl like a princess; then, your behavior might change after a while. 

This change makes a person feel like they are being taken for granted, and it could cause them to become mean.

Try to be a friend to the person you date to know how they process their emotions. A girl could be depressed about something else, and her being mean is merely a reflection of what she feels. 


Girls are complicated at times, but it is always worth it to understand them when they are not nice. If you feel like your girlfriend is mean to you, the best thing to do is talk to her and understand what is bothering her so you can try to fix it and move on.


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