Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path? Detailed Analysis

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path

With thousands of career choices and increasing competition for the market in the current world, choosing the most suitable career becomes a point of great concern. 

Choosing a good career path is essential for success and avoidance of later regrets in life. This article will analyze basic industries as one of the career paths to pursue.

Primary industries supply raw materials to other production or manufacturing industries. 

Their work is not to manufacture products for final consumers or wholesalers but to produce raw materials used by other industries to make final products for retailers and consumers. 

Primary industries include mining, agriculture, oil and gas, steel, metal, and chemical. 

So is basic industries a good career path?

Of course, yes! Production industries always need primary industries. With the improving technology and developing new industries worldwide, primary industries will always be essential. 

Production industries will always require raw materials to manufacture products, making primary industries very important. So this is a good career path you should consider. 

We will always require raw materials to manufacture the products we use every day, so the primary industry is an instrumental lifetime career. 

This field is also vast and can accommodate a good number of employees. Earnings are high since most of the materials are extracted from the ground and don’t require long and complicated processes for production. 

In this field, many jobs are available with minimal education requirements. 

Other Best Career Paths To Pursue

Information technology (IT)

With the advancement of technology and automation of systems, IT has become one of the best career paths for study. 

Many companies are shifting from manual to automated systems, and this requires people with IT expertise to code and program systems. Thus with IT knowledge, many jobs will be looking for you.

Financial management

As companies grow and develop, they will require financial managers to examine their expenditure and profit margins to maximize profits and minimize costs. 

Financial management skills will be sought as the companies expand and increase their income. 

Hence starting with financial management as a career path keeps you in a better position for hire.

Software developer

With the advancement of technology and computerization of systems, bugs will be a problem in systems and apps, and you will be required to fix them. 

As a software programmer, you will be required to help develop security programs and solve many other related problems. So as a developer, you will not lack what to do in the field.


There is no career path that we can say is bad for sure. Depending on the season and environment, there will be times when each career path will be at its best. 

However, primary industries are the most accessible and diverse careers with the most market. If you’re looking for a good-paying job with minimum education, this is the best choice for you. 


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