Is Bulova A Good Watch Brand?- A Non-Biased Take

 Is Bulova A Good Watch Brand

Throughout history, humans have been able to tell time with cutting-edge precision. Whether relying on poles, or rudimentary technology like sundials, telling time has always been a serious undertaking for man.

Over time, with improvements in technology and the advent of gears, we have developed more reliable means of telling time. 

In the past, we were heavily dependent on the sun. This had its obvious shortcomings, including the inability to tell time at night or during dark winters.

Today, watches are mainstream and quintessential. Bulova is a renowned American timepiece company that makes men’s and women’s watches. The company was founded in 1975 by Joseph Bulova.

It was purchased by Citizen Watch Co. in 2008 and continues to operate as its subsidiary.

So, is Bulova a good watch brand?

Bulova is a great watch brand. The firm emphasizes making durable, accurate, and high-quality timepieces. Their products bear great functionality and come at a decent price range. Bulova makes watches in the 100–600-dollar price range. They make great non-luxury products.

A Brief History On Bulova

Bulova was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, a gentleman from Great Moravia who later immigrated to the United States and settled in New York.

It was not until 1912 that Joseph Bulova established a plant dedicated to making watches and other timepieces such as clocks. 

Bulova set up his plant in Switzerland, where watchmaking technology was advanced and ahead of its time.

The firm was initially dedicated to making and mass-producing men’s wrist and pocket watches but branched to women’s watches in 1924.

In 1926, Bulova became the first advertisement to be broadcasted on live radio, with the announcer stating the time as per a Bulova watch before beginning the broadcast.

Joseph Bulova was an eccentric individual obsessed with accuracy. His desire to make the most accurate timepiece prompted him to build an observatory on 580 5th Ave. The purpose of the observatory is to determine the universal time accurately.

In 1941, Bulova made the first-ever television advertisement. The advertisement was aired on July 1st before a Major League Baseball game.

Bulova is lauded for its role in the rehabilitation and training of World War II veterans with a disability.

The firm equipped the war vets with watchmaking skills in 1945. The firm later started a school to train everyone with a disability on watchmaking. Unfortunately, the institution was closed in 1993.

In 1960, Bulova made the second ever electronic watch. Bulova ditched the balance wheel in favor of a 360 Hz tuning fork. 

Max Hetzel invented the tuning fork. The creation of quartz technology can be traced to the watch, as the underlying principles were quite similar.

The watch was famous for its accuracy. It has a cumulative error of approximately 2 seconds per day. By the standard of that time, it was considered highly accurate.

Bulova made the first working watch designed for space conditions. The watch lunar watch survived the trip to the moon and back. Omega, Bulova’s rival at the time, made a lunar watch. Omega’s watch did not work on the moon.

Bulova made the first digital watch in 1976. The watch had an LED display. The Computron revolutionized the watch industry, as it pioneered the age of digital watches.

The first-ever watchmaking plant in Switzerland was closed in 1983. The operations were running in Woodside and in Flashing in New York by this time.

Bulova, which was part of Loews Corporation, was acquired by Citizen Watch Company in 2008. The company continues to operate in New York, making watches worn all over the world. 

What Variety Does Bulova Offer

Bulova has an extensive product line that caters to everyone in the market. These products are designed to suit people looking for a reliable and durable watch.

Bulova is best known for variety. Their watches bear a sophisticated design while not compromising on functionality. 

It resonates well with a classic business design while maintaining a casual appeal. It is a brand for any occasion.

1. Archive Series

Bulova’s archive series is a collection of their first designs in each category. The series is a testament to Bulova’s originality in sticking to a unique design.

Some of the most original yet somewhat outlandish designs include the Bulova Computron 98C135 and the

97C110 Men’s Computron.

The Archive series also has more conventionally designed watches, such as the Surfboard Chronograph Strap .

The archive series showcases some of the original Bulova watches and varying design concepts.

2. The Chronograph C series

While Bulova’s watches bear a decent and classic design, the Chronograph C is a step into a more futuristic design, and they are modern watches with a sophisticated touch. Some of the Chronograph C watches are high-end and luxurious.

The Bulova 98C128 falls into the category. It is one of the luxury watches in the extensive Bulova line.

3. Oceanographer Series

The Oceanographer series is designed for divers. The line features some of the sturdiest watches you will ever see. 

These watches are water-resistant to ridiculous depths. The best watch in the oceanographer series is the 96B350 Devil Diver.

The watch can withstand water to a depth of 666 meters, hence the name Devil Diver.

4. Lunar Pilot

These are a unique series of watches designed by Bulova to function in outer space. It was part of a collaborative program between the United States government and Bulova that saw the first designs in 1971.

Today, these watches are commercially available to the public. The 96B251 model is the most coveted watch under the Lunar Pilot series.

Why are Bulova Watches Popular?

Bulova watches are trendy, especially in the United States. The watchmaker is known for making excellent timepieces. Why should you choose the brand?

1. Bulova watches are affordable.

Bulova makes decent, affordable watches. They are highly functional timepieces that do not put a dent in your bank. 

Most Bulova watches lie between 100-800 dollars, which is pretty affordable compared to other watches in the market.

The affordability of Bulova watches has made them the go-to brand for many folks looking for a decent watch. Bulova also makes high-end luxury watches for people willing to spend a bit more.

Bulova is a working man’s watch. The fact that the watches are affordable doesn’t interfere with their quality. These are genuinely great pieces that anyone can own and maintain.

2. Bulova offers an extensive product range.

Regardless of your taste and price range, Bulova has got you covered. The company has a vast product range. 

Bulova makes watches for men and women. These watches vary in price, design, and operating mechanics.

Bulova makes both quartz and mechanical timepieces. Unlike most mechanical watch designs, Bulova mechanical watches are pretty accurate. 

The mechanical options are a bit pricy than the quartz models, as the operating mechanism is more sophisticated.

The company isn’t afraid to make non-conventional designs for their watches, as seen under their Computron models. There is a model and design for everyone.

3. Bulova watches are durable.

Bulova makes some of the most durable watches in the market. The firm focuses on making watches that will last for generations without compromising on aesthetics and functionality.

The most durable watches under the vast Bulova line are the Oceanography watches. It is one of the sturdiest watches ever built. These watches can withstand impact and depths of more than 500 meters, making them ideal for divers.

Bulova watches are made with high-quality and highly durable materials. They hardly ever require servicing, and their maintenance is standard. These watches will serve you for years, and you will not be replacing them soon.

4. Bulova watches are accurate and reliable.

Bulova makes some of the most accurate and reliable watches in the industry. The brand prides itself on being accurate and dependable. It makes the watch attractive to people in business.

Bulova has a dedicated line for watches that focus solely on accuracy. The Precisionist line is the industry leader in reliability. 

Watches under the precisionist line use a 262 144 Hz crystal frequency, the highest in the market at the moment.

The watches are accurate for up to 10 seconds per year. To put that in context, the error on these pieces is only 0.833 seconds per month! Once you set your Bulova watch, you never have to worry about tuning it.


Bulova is a great watch brand that manufactures a variety of timepieces. They have an extensive product line that caters to people of different tastes. Bulova’s emphasis on quality has made them one of the most reliable watch brands in the world.

Bulova makes both mechanical and quartz watches. They emphasize quality and artistry. The brand makes reliable and inexpensive watches, with most of their products lying between 100 dollars to 600 dollars.

Not only are Bulova watches affordable, but they are pretty accurate. These timepieces are perfectly functional, non-luxury items. 


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