Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy? Here Is An Insight

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy

Every man wants his ego stimulated once in a while. You can achieve this in many ways, but the term ‘daddy’ seems to be working magic these days. 

The kink has even found its way into the bedroom arena. Behind the closed bedroom doors, the term ‘daddy’ gives men a notion of dominance in bed. 

When sparingly used, its endearment and empowering to hear from your partner, it cements the bond and builds confidence. 

So, how did the name ‘daddy,’ ‘big daddy,’ or ‘zaddy’ come to be? These terms can be traced back to 1621. It was a common term used by prostitutes to call their pimps. 

And this begs the question, 

Why do guys like being called daddy?

First, note that not all men like being called daddy. And those who enjoy the name do so because it makes them feel powerful, mature, dominant, and in control. 

Here Are Other Reasons Why Your Male Partner Loves Being Called Daddy

  1. Increases a man’s libido
  2. Calling a man daddy stimulates his ego
  3. Men feel pertinent, influential, and respected
  4. Calling a guy daddy shows that a woman is submissive
  5. Daddy is a word used to express love and affection
  6. Men have a thing with youthful women
  7. The term daddy reassure men of their masculinity

Now you know why most men like being called daddy. Do you want to give it a try? Well, good for you. Any plans on how to do that? If you have none, don’t worry below, we have explained how to successfully call your guy daddy for the first time.

  1. Call him daddy when in a good mood, and both are joking.
  2. Call him that when you are sleepy, you can get away with it when it backfires.
  3. Don’t try it when the parents are around.
  4. Use it as a compliment when he’s done something romantic to you
  5. Try it when drunk; you might just get away with it if it doesn’t work,
  6. Call him the name while flirting
  7. Avoid calling him daddy when he’s angry

How do you know that you’ve successfully introduced the nickname, and he loves it?

When you do it the right way, your spouse will like the nickname. Some will outrightly let you know they love it, and others won’t. Don’t worry; here is how you can tell if he likes the name.

  1. He will give you a romantic and playful nickname too. 
  2. If he smiles and becomes playful when you call him daddy.
  3. If he asks you call him the name again.


As discussed, not all men enjoy being called daddy. You must determine whether your man likes the kink or not.

If you want to spice up your relationship and are thinking of starting to call your guy the name, smoothly start introducing it with the tips we’ve shared above.


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