How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server: Ultimate Guide

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a popular sandbox Swedish video game by Mojang studios. The game was made public in May 2009, and its full release was in November 2011. 

It’s now among the best-selling video games globally, selling more than 238 million copies. In the Minecraft world, almost all activities depend on the mixture of a specific number known as a seed. 

The seed is Minecraft’s functional unit of life. However, finding the seed can be quite a tricky task. With the seeds, you can craft and mine at the same time. 

You can instantly construct different buildings such as playgrounds, parks, etc. The seed is numerical commands that generate different Minecraft worlds. Do you know how to find the seeds? Let’s check out?

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server

Finding the seed of a Minecraft serve is quite simple. Here are the steps on how to:

  1. Open the Minecraft game on your device 
  2. Join the Minecraft world through the single-player tab
  3. Type seed in chat as the connection with the world establishes
  4. Click on the “enter” tab to get seed – you will get a message with the seed ID
  5. Please tap on the seed ID and copy-paste it on the clipboard

What Is A Minecraft Seed?

If you play Minecraft, you understand that the game creates your mini world. You can build many worlds plus have the freedom to choose the world you want to stay in. 

Each time you create a world, you get a random value known as seed. The seed is Minecraft saves barcode. 

With the seed, players can share their different worlds with others. The functionality is unique; you’ll understand it better as you continue with the game.

Finding Minecraft Seed On Multiplayer Server

You only have two options for finding a seed on a multiplayer server. The first one is to request it from admins. 

The other option is becoming an admin and using the procedures or commands of the game version you’re on.

Finding The Minecraft Seed Without Being An Admin

You can get seed from people with admin power, but you aren’t lucky. Some players use the mod to download the worlds and then get the seed. 

You can save the world on your computer and open it while having complete control. Therefore you might be able to get the seed. 

Several mods are out, and the most popular is the world downloader. You can download it from their official website and install it on your computer.

Why People Hide Multiplayer Minecraft Seeds?

People usually keep the Minecraft seeds a secret for one primary reason. If other players get the opportunity to access and open the seeds in a single-player, they’ll discover top-tier materials and the best locations. 

Therefore they’ll re-enter the multiplayer server with much (unfair) advantage. So, if you are trying to find the seed in multiplayer but the admin denies you access, this might be why.


The seed is an integral part of Minecraft and is simply the world upon which all unique Microsoft worlds are built. 

You will need a seed to create easily accessible biomes and fascinating landscapes. However, finding the seed isn’t usually that simple. The information in the article will help you quickly find the seed.


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