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Is Steamunlocked Safe

Steamunlocked is an online platform that lets users download premium PC games at no cost. You do not have to download the games to your PC with this website. Therefore, you won’t need to download as Steamunlocked has pre-installed games.

With cyber insecurity becoming a reality in the online world, you might want to visit authentic sites. 

This move saves you from malicious actors’ traps. So, are the Steamunlocked games free and safe for your personal computer? Read along to get answers.

Is Steamunlocked Safe?

Steamunlocked is safe. Many gamers are using this site, and most of them have no issues with the site. It doesn’t have links to direct you to malicious windows for exploitation.

Therefore, Steamunlocked won’t infect your PC with viruses of any kind. Your computer may send a Trojan warning alert when running programs from this site—the false warning results from the cracked game’s files. Temporarily disabling your antivirus will solve that.

How To Play Free Steamunlocked Games

1. Visit Steamunlocked And Try Out Games

As you’re aware, you need to download PC games before playing them. This section will show you how to download these games and enjoy them freely. Firstly, you need to visit Google and search for Steamunlocked.

This keyword search will direct you to Steamunlocked’s homepage. You’ll find many free pre-installed games here. You’ll also find a catalog of fun, and all you have to do is browse until you find the ones you want.

Additionally, you can try out these games for free before buying them. It would be best if you considered testing a game before acquiring it lest you struggle with the game. You can go ahead and download the game if it pleases you.

2. Downloading A Game

Downloading a game from this site is a no-brainer. You scroll through the rich catalog of games in Steamunlocked, then click on any. The link will redirect you to another page with instructions about the game.

Say, for instance, you want to download a Need For Speed (NFS) game. Clicking on the button will navigate you to a different page. Here you’ll find further details about the game, its description, and system requirements for NFS.

It is on this same page that you’ll find the download button. Click on it. You should note that the button will take you to an advertiser’s screen if your browser doesn’t block ads. Close that tab and click on the download button again to access the game’s zip file.

The download button will navigate you to where you can download the file. Note that you’ll need to wait for about five seconds before downloading the file. 

Make sure you download the file with WinRAR or 7-zip. The game will come with the installation instructions.

3. Unpacking The Files

If the features of a game are satisfying, you can download it. Steamunlocked has a slew of games, some of which millions worldwide enjoy. Such include Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, and Call of Duty.

You’ll need either WinRAR or 7-zip to extract the gaming files you’ve downloaded. The unpacking process is a child’s play, and it doesn’t require strong technical skills. You need to click a button and let the computer do the rest.

4. Accessing The Game

Let’s say you want to play the NFS game. After unzipping the file, open the folder containing the extracted files. 

You’ll find a standard notepad text with instructions on how to run the game. Simply following the guide should see you through the process.

Once you locate the actual game, click on it and run it as an administrator. Click yes and wait for the game to load up. 

And that’s all you need to know to access games from Steamunlocked. Once it fully boots up, enjoy your game using gaming controllers or your keyboard.

Plausible Fixes For Unresponsive Steamunlocked Games

Occasionally, some games you download may fail to work. The failure may result from any reason. 

It could be your vigilant antivirus preventing the game from running. Also, the game may fail to work if you inadvertently extracted the wrong file.

Every game from Steamunlocked comes with concrete instructions on how to access the games. Read on to learn how to get around some problems that may arise.

1. Antivirus Blockage

The antivirus may prevent some applications from running on your PC if you’re on the Windows OS. Microsoft Defender’s SmartScreen may fail to recognize the game. 

The program files from Steamunlocked aren’t in the usual format; hence the antivirus will stop the app from running.

Often your computer may interpret the compressed files as a potential detrimental Trojan horse. To fix this, click on the more info button in the splash screen that pops up. Press the button that asks you to run the software anyway, and your game will boot up.

2. Permissions

Sometimes the game may fail to run as it lacks some key permissions. When the game lacks necessary approvals, it may as well not run at all. For this reason, you might want to make sure that you provide your game with all the requirements.

To check for the permission you’ve granted your game, right-click on its icon and select properties. 

Here you’ll find all that your game is allowed or denied. In most cases, the game may require permissions to modify, read, write, complete control, and execute.

Read and execute is the most necessary permission. Ensure that you allow it as the game won’t run unless this system permission is active. 

If not, you can enable it by clicking on the edit button. You can also go to the advanced options to ensure that everything is under control.

Always ensure that the game has the necessary permissions. The games fail to work in most cases since they lack vital access.

3. System Requirements

Having all the requirements set up is one thing. Your system needs to have enough resources to run the game effectively. 

Otherwise, you’ll experience the nagging buffers that will make you want to throw down your computer.

Before installing a game, ensure that you have enough RAM. It is this piece of hardware that lets your game run. 

You’ll need a bigger RAM adept at running the game and handling other scheduled processes seamlessly.

Additionally, check for the display features of your computer. Most conventional game designs have high graphics, and they won’t run smoothly on old computer versions. You might want to invest in a sound graphics card that renders the animation seamlessly.

You should note that running the games on an engine like steam will be less demanding. The game demands fewer resources from your computer as it utilizes online ones. However, you’ll need a stable internet connection to enjoy your games on steam.

Sites To Download PC Games For Free

The internet has made access to games convenient. With numerous sites online, extra care is necessary. The good thing is that there are several online sites where you can get PC games legally and for free.

Some are pretty new but have a slew of games for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. As a security practice, always scan the application for any security flaws before installing them. For each of the sites mentioned, this article will provide its features and how to navigate through

1. Steam

If you’re a keen PC gamer, then you might as well know that steam is famous for games. The site offers hundreds of free and paid games. Moreover, it has a substantial free-to-play section where you can try out games.

It has a comfortable UI with tons of games in various categories. Such include action, sports, racing, trending, and popular selections. Furthermore, it has game demos for you to try out and see if the game is worth your dime.


All games A to Z is an intuitive site that hosts a significant number of gaming applications. It has games available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Note that you can select between these three at the top of the page.

The homepage features a mix of free and paid games. To access only the free games, you can click on the A to Z button at the top. However, the number of free games is limited. 

The game pages provide a brief description of the game and the operating systems that support this game. You’ll also find the download link and average users’ ratings.


In addition to offering free games, this site covers gaming news, fixes, trainers, game mods, and so forth. The freeware button is at the top, and it allows you to access free games. Therefore, you’re likely to find a game to play on this site.

Mega Games arranges games categorically to find the ones that fascinate you. Besides, you can search for a game if you can’t find it by browsing through the homepage.


Steamunlocked is a safe site to access games for your PC. However, you can land on a compromised site if you accidentally click on some ads. Despite this little room for error, Steamunlocked is safe.

In addition to Steamunlocked, you can access games from other credible sites online. Such as and Please give it a go and see which one best works for you.


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