Why Don’t People Like Me? Getting More Friends

Why Don’t People Like Me

Humans are social, so most of them need close contact with one another to feel comfortable. You could be in school or have friends, and you feel like they don’t enjoy having you around, which can be hurtful, especially if they mean a lot to you.

Feeling disliked is awful, and it could create a permanent impression on you that might affect your decisions significantly. 

To get closer to people, you need to know why they dislike you, to begin with. Let us get a deeper look into the matter to help you figure it out.

Why Don’t People Like Me?

Often we are told that we shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions provided we know what we want. There are things we do that put people off, and that is why not everyone we know is our friend.

The truth is, your emotions and mood will rely heavily on what others think of you since we are beings that rely on each other; here are some potential reasons for you being disliked;

1. Being a know-it-all

Have you ever walked into a room, and there was a person who acted like they were an expert in any topic you brought up? Before you gather your thoughts and emotions, you already dislike the person.

On the other hand, you could be the person that always starts taking over a conversation like you are an expert. 

This annoying habit makes others feel like you think you are better than them, and they will dislike you because of it.

2. Acting too nice

You’d think that being friendly makes people like you, but there is a line. Being too nice will often make people dislike you since it might come off as a cover for a hidden agenda, and nobody likes a manipulative person or that you are doing it to make them look bad.

3. Asking too many questions

When in a conversation, you need to balance the conversation and share yourself equally. Asking too many questions without giving any information about yourself will come off as an interrogation, and the other person will dislike you.

4. Dropping personal bombs

Honesty is a good thing when it is correctly timed. Don’t disclose something very personal too early since it makes people think you are inappropriate and misread social signs. Sharing intimate details with people you have just met is a good way to get disliked.

5. Hiding emotions 

Most people react better to a person who displays their real emotions than someone who hides them. 

Learn to talk to people rather than being passive-aggressive and rude since it will only worsen the problem

People will often like you less when you are dishonest about your feelings. Humans naturally like people more if they think the person likes them. So acting like you don’t like people will make people dislike you. 


People could dislike you for some reasons personal to them, and you can’t change that. You can change some annoying habits that make you come off as hard to deal with or disrespectful since they push everyone away.

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