Why Am I Not Able To Lift My Left Hand? Human Physiology 

Why Am I Not Able To Lift My Left Hand

For those used to it, mobility is something that they feel like they can’t live without. You need to be able to move and have complete control of your body, so it might be alarming and, to some point, terrifying when you suddenly can’t lift your arm.

In such a situation, the best thing you can do is see a doctor about it, depending on the cause. It could be a mishap because you slept in a weird position or a warning for a more severe condition. Let us break it down and see the possible reasons for this;

Why Am I Not Able To Lift My Left Hand?

This is a common issue for athletes and non-athletes, but there is no definitive answer. Several reasons make it hard or impossible to lift your hand. Let us get into the details of the matter and offer you a possible way out;

You need the rotator cuff and the tendons around it to lift your hand. If you can’t lift it, there is a decent chance that your rotator cuff or the tendons have a problem.

1. Rotator cuff tendonitis

This condition comes up when the tendons around the rotator cuff get inflamed, so you feel pain when you try to use them to raise your hand. 

You get in this situation mostly when you do heavy, repetitive tasks that strain your muscles for an extended period.

It can also happen after a series of minor injuries that accumulate and end up taking a toll on your shoulder. 

You must have felt it after an intense gym session, so it is part of muscle growth. You can take some pain relievers to help you feel better or stretch the shoulder.

Tendons in your rotator cuff could also wear out due to repetitive stress and strain, especially when dehydrated. 

It might start mild and gradually worsen, so you can’t raise your hand; in such a case, always go to a doctor for the best way forward.

You can treat it with a combination of exercises, pain relievers, and rest. People from all around the City of Homes are also looking for the best chiropractor Newnan GA has to offer to further aid in their recovery. These professionals can help you find the root cause of your rotator cuff tendonitis and provide targeted treatment to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

2. Rotator cuff tears

This can happen when you fall on your shoulder or lift a heavy object abruptly. You need to slowly take up any heavy objects to give your muscles time to adapt to the change and stretch accordingly. 

Tears can be partial and only involve a small muscle tissue or a whole tendon tear. In case of a tear or a suspected tear, you can take anti-inflammatory medication to ease the pain at the time then go to see a doctor.

Your muscles could get inflamed on their own and tighten up, which will make it impossible for you to raise your hand. 

The risk of such a situation increases as you grow older, and you can get through it by using specialized pain relievers that your doctor will prescribe.


Your hand could be too painful to lift for a series of reasons, but they all come back to the tendons in your rotator cuffs. If you can’t pinpoint the problems, it is always good to see a doctor and get professional help.


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