How To Shift Reality Fast; Exploring Your Mind’s Full Reach

How To Shift Reality Fast

Shifting realities has been around for a long time, and people are getting more effective techniques as they learn more about the human mind. Reality shifting is a healthy way of calming yourself down and seeing everything differently.

According to those that believe in it, it is a way of projecting your mind into a different timeline or consciousness that is different from yours in some ways. Let us take a deeper look into this idea and see how it works and how you can do it;

How To Shift Reality Fast

Reality shifting is a mental thing, so there are many ways of doing it, and some work better than others. The fastest way to reality shift is to lie down and imagine you are sitting under a tree in your DR. Sit there till someone comes by, and you will follow that person into the DR.

A Detailed Guide On Reality Shifting

The idea is based on the multiverse theory, which is that an infinite number of universes exist based on our choices. The idea is, you shift your consciousness or awareness from this universe to another. 

Some people who know their way around this concept sleep and count their way into the DR without worrying too much. This might not be the case for a beginner, and you need some extra steps to help you end up in the right reality.

Reality shifting is effortless; first, you need to visualize your desired reality and set a firm intention. You need to repeat this process several times throughout the day to have a vivid idea of where you want to end up.

When you lay down to sleep, set a powerful intention to wake up in reality you want. You need to get your body, mind, and soul focused on one reality before you sleep, and that is how you will shift to a new reality.

There are various techniques for doing this but using techniques puts you in a logical situation. This isn’t about logic; it’s about your intuition, natural powers and abilities, and your ability to change your reality with your intentions.

Go to sleep while visualizing yourself waking up in the reality you want and imagining doing something physical or emotional. This step should take about 3 minutes as you repeatedly picture the same scene.

You can also meditate before going to bed and remind yourself that you are not your body or any labels you have, and you need to make yourself believe that the process works. 

It would help if you allowed yourself to be accessible for this process to take you to a better reality than this one.


Shifting realities is an idea that has grown popular recently, and everyone is doing it on TikTok. You can try it at home if you want to since it is not too difficult and it won’t take up too much time, especially if you do it during your sleeping time.


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