Why Doesn’t My Face Tan? Expert Tanning Tips

Why Doesn’t My Face Tan

Tanning has become popular, and there are several artificial and natural ways of getting a good tan when you need it. 

Technology has made it easy to tan your body, and you can do it in the sun and get an even tan throughout your body.

While the body is simple, the case is not the same with your face. Getting a good tan without harming yourself can be hard at times. 

There are some crucial things you must put into account if you can’t tan your face so let’s get into the details;

Why Doesn’t My Face Tan?

The face is tricky to tan, and you could end up with severe medical conditions if you don’t do it right. 

Here are some common reasons why most people’s faces don’t tan like the rest of their bodies; hopefully, one of these is your problem, and you can fix it;

You need to realize that your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, so in a normal situation, you will feel the effects of the sun more.  

As such, you could end up with a darker tan on your face than on the rest of your body, so you need to be careful with it.

1. Less melanocyte in the face

You get a tan when you sit in the sun or get exposed to UV radiation because it triggers melanin production in your skin. Your skin has Melanocytes that produce melanin in the sun; thus, your skin gets darker. 

Your face has more fat than most other parts of your body, the increase in the subcutaneous layer means a reduction in the number of melanocytes. 

This situation means your face needs more time to produce the same melanin as the rest of your body hence the delay. 

This differs depending on your skin properties, and some take less time than others. Eventually, you need to know your body, and it’s time to get the perfect tan.

2. Makeup and creams

A tan might not work if you get one with makeup on. Makeup will not always work effectively as sunscreen, but it will block UV radiation from getting to your skin, so you might have a problem getting your tan on. 

Another problem with using makeup is that it blocks the radiation unevenly; therefore, your face might have patches of differing darkness. 

This mess is much worse than not getting a tan, so it is not a situation you want to get yourself into. 

Before getting a tan, make sure you clean any makeup or creams off your face, so the sun works evenly. You have to use sunscreen, so make sure it is light-tinted, so it doesn’t block off all the sun, forcing you to spend hours in the hot sun.


Your face has different properties than the rest of your body, so you might not get the same results when trying a tan. Before tanning, make sure you prep your skin by getting rid of all lotions and creams so the sun can get to your skin unobstructed. 


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