Why Is My Face Fat But I’m Skinny? Understanding Your Body

Why Is My Face Fat But I’m Skinny

Keeping your body perfect is a big part of staying healthy and keeping your self-esteem high. If you have a perfect body, you will carry yourself better and have better opportunities. A big part of this is exercise and a good diet.

You might be observing all diet rules, and your body is skinny, but your face is not the same. There are several reasons behind this, so let us look at each of them to give you an idea of fixing the issue. 

Why Is My Face Fat But I’m Skinny?

The most likely reason for this is excess weight in the body due to weight gain. An unexpected increase in the fat content in your body might cause your face to get fat since your body is not accustomed to working with such a large amount of fat. 

Therefore, it will deposit more fat around the cheeks, chin, and neck than other parts of your body. 

Other Reasons For Moon Face

‘Moon face’ is the medical term for a fat face because of increased fat deposits, and here are other reasons that might bring it up;

1. It can be a symptom of Cushing’s syndrome, a complication when the human body makes contact with too much cortisol. 

A tumor typically causes it in the pituitary gland or infections to the adrenal glands that cause issues with hormone production in the body. It can be fixed with surgery if you get a doctor to examine it, and the cases rarely get fatal.

2. Old age can be another cause of moon face. As we get older, the skin loses its original elasticity, which leads to sagging around the cheeks or chin as the skin hangs off your face. This could be confused for fat; thus, your face might appear fat. 

If you were fat and you lost weight, there might be some excess skin around the face, making it look like your face is fat.

3. Poor posture and lack of exercise. Years of poor posture and lack of exercise can cause your jaws to loosen due to the weakening jaw muscles. This, combined with the reduced skin elasticity, makes it appear as though your face is fat. 

Your face could also be fat because of genetic reasons in that there is a disorder in your family. If this is the case, it might be wise to see a doctor and get a professional view on the best way forward.


Your face might be fat because of increased fat intake, making the body distribute the fat unevenly. The issue could correct itself over time, but it is best to stay on a diet to make it easier on your body. 

There are several causes, so you need to see a doctor to get the specific issue since it could be a symptom for something worse. 


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