What Is The Standard Bar Pool Table Size?

What Is The Standard Bar Pool Table Size

What is the standard bar pool table size? For a very long time, billiards have been a source of enjoyment for many. The game traces back to as early as the 15th century. And by the early 1900s, the game was popular in most parts of Europe and America.

Pool tables can be an excellent investment and addition to any space. Back at home, it will offer endless fun to your family and friends. At the workplace, it will help colleagues to vent and relax from work pressure.

Lastly, it will boost your income in your pub. Don’t get all excited about pool tables just yet. It’s imperative to know the right size for your right table. In this case, it’s the bar pool table.

Now back to our question.

What is the standard bar pool table size?

The answer is 7 feet. With a playfield of 39″ by 78″. Mostly found in bars and pubs, thus the name ‘bar.’ 

Choosing The Right Pool Table Size

Choosing the right pool table size is gravely important. A lot of things can go wrong if you get the wrong size. The inevitable question is where you plan to place the pool table.

You should know the dimensions of that extra room or gaming area. You not only need space for the pool table but also room for moving while playing. You also require room for the gaming accessories.

You require a minimum of five-foot clearance around the pool table. It would be best if you played comfortably without touching the walls or ceiling with your body or cue stick. You should, therefore, also consider the cue stick lengths.

The sizes that pool tables come in are:

Seven-ft. bar table: 

3.5′ x 7’ their playable surface is 39” x 78”. These tables are what the general public is more familiar with, but they are not tournament-approved. They are mostly coin-operated.

Eight-ft. standard table:  

4′ x 8’ with a Playable Surface of 44” x 88”. Both beginners and professionals can use it. It is also tournament approved and used by World Pool-Billiard Association.

Nine-ft. professional table: 

4.5′ x 8′ and the playable surface is 50” x 100”. The nine-foot is the largest pool table, and the World Pool-Billiard Association also uses it. The nine-foot professional tables are the most challenging to use but provide the best playing experience.

An “oversized 8″ pool table size listed as the 8.5 isn’t prevalent, but it is an option. Its playing surface size is 46″ x 92”.

Plan ahead. Get the dimensions of the room you intend to place on the pool table. Also, remember that the playing surface size of the pool table you pick will determine the extent of the cue stick you use. Standard pool cues are either 57 or 58 inches.

Choosing The Perfect Cue Stick For Your Pool Table

Whether an armature or a pro, using the wrong cue stick affects your performance. Putting skill levels in mind will help you in choosing the perfect cue stick.

Your hand size

The comfort of your hand is greatly affected by the diameter of the cue stick shaft. Try holding a variety as you make the purchase. You wouldn’t want discomfort as your hand slides down the shaft while making those shots.

Cue tip

The tip is the part that makes contact with the ball while playing. The tip can either be hard, soft, or medium. It is essential to pick one that supports your game style.

Hard tipped cues last longer compared to the others. Soft tips are useful for spin shots, while medium tips are ideal to use on new cues.

Cue tip diameter

Beginners should use cue sticks with tips of larger diameter. While smaller diameter cue tips help put sidespin, it is easier for beginners to land tough shots using those with large diameters. You can also experiment with different diameters to find one that gives you more comfortable.

Cue stick weight

Just like the diameter and tapering, cue sticks have different weights. Your skill levels are also put into consideration here.

For beginners to easily learn how to pocket those shots, they should use lighter cue sticks. It is more likely for the ball to travel in the direction you aim. Professional players tend to use cue sticks of 19 ounces.

Shaft tapper

Pool table cues tend to be tapered, thicker near the base, and thinner at the tip. There are three shaft tapering styles: standard, pro, and double tapering.

Standard tappers are best for new beginners as the tapering is even and continuous. A pro tapered shaft begins tapering 12 inches from the butt. A doubled tapered shaft is thin at the tip and butt but thick in the middle.

What To Look For In A Pool Table

The things to look for when purchasing a pool table are similar despite the different pool tables. They are vital for used tables, customized and even “stock” pool tables.


Consider getting a felt that’s of 80 percent wool and 20 percent nylon. It should be thick and heavy with a “felt” feel. The felt should also be glued and screwed into place.


The quality of any device you purchase is paramount. Consider getting a pool table made of hardwood. Yes, it is heavy, but you can be confident in durability.

Railing and cushions

The railing of the pool table you intend to buy should be made of hardwood. The hardwood isn’t just for durability, but it reduces vibration when playing.

Cushions should be of canvass backing; they adhere more effortless to the railing.


Go for a ¾ inch thick slate that has a diamond-honed surface. If the slate you choose to go with is a three-piece, then ask if it’s matched (cut from the same slab).

Level surface

The playing surface of your pool table has to be level. Playing won be fun on an unleveled surface, and you’ll frequently need to move the table.

But if unfortunately, you purchase one, you can use the standard playing cards to balance it. Some pool tables also come with adjustable tables.


A pool table should have eight pockets. Manufacturers should make these pockets with soft rubberized plastic to avoid crack or break. The pockets shouldn’t be hard to reach.


Any quality device has an extended, solid warranty. You want long-life entertainment from your pool table. So get a life-time warranty; it is a sign of longevity.


How many balls are in the pool?

The number of balls in a pool will entirely depend on the type of game you are playing. The answer can either be eight balls, three balls, or nine balls.

The nine-ball game is played with ten balls. For the eight-ball game, sixteen balls are used. Lastly, a three-ball match is played using four balls on the table.

How long can a pool table last?

A solidly built pool table should last for about 20-25 years. Tables are made using slates and hardwood, which are more durable and sturdy. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can reduce the life span of your table.

What is a regulation-sized pool table?

The World Pool-Billiards Association has not come clear on the matter. Depending on your location, some standard sizes pool tables include; 8-ft, 8.5-ft, 7-ft, and 9-ft.

How much does a decent pool table costs?

You will find plenty of pool tables with enticing price tags on the market. Not all of them are worth your buck. For a decent table that is sturdy, durable, and quality, check for a price range of $900- $5,000. There is a variety to choose from: slate, cloth, felt, and wood.

How far should a pool table be away from the wall?

During installation, it’s recommended to place the table at the center of the room. The space between the walls and the table should at least be 5 feet. Failure to which you may have difficulties positioning your cue stick perpendicularly to the wall.

What size pool table do professionals play on?

Professionals often use 8–feet by 4-feet pool tables. They are large and provide an excellent gaming experience. On the downside, they tend to occupy a lot of space. Therefore, you need a lot of room.


Buying a pool table isn’t a straightforward task. An excellent pool table and accessories will guarantee our comfort while playing. It will also be easier for you to take shots.

It is advisable to practice with the different pool table sizes and cues before making a purchase. By doing so, you will be able to get one you’re more comfortable using. Your budget plan should also be in mind.

It would help if you had your pool table professionally installed. The table cloth you get doesn’t have to be green. You can pick any imaginable color but remember, exotic colors are more expensive.

Although it goes without saying, getting a pool table is a big commitment, but it can be exhilarating.

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