Alternatives To Cable TV To Keep You Under Budget

Alternatives To Cable TV To Keep You Under Budget

The online world is becoming a place where you are not alone. Think of any alternative and most of them are available. With all that said, TV has been replaced by so many platforms that can be viewed online. Whether you are looking for some classic British comedy sitcoms or want to get a laugh gag for a while to relieve your stress, you can easily find anything on YouTube.

In the early years, people used to watch television and depend on it completely to catch up with favorite shows and movies. However, over the years with the evolution of the internet and increasing speed, people ditched the cable and moved to stream service. 

However, some people still rely on cable TV subscriptions despite being costly. The reason is that most cable providers offer a huge channel lineup to keep everyone stuck to the screen. One of the examples include canales de spectrum en español, which hugely serves the Spanish audience to watch programs, movies, and TV shows in their own language. 

Ditching the cable is on the rise and if you cannot afford to have a cable subscription, it is one of the best alternatives to keep watching your favorite programs. Let’s find out some of the best alternatives to cable TV that will keep you well under budget. 


Netflix is one of the pioneers of streaming services and offers high-quality shows, documentaries, movies, and originals for a low price. The company started as a DVD rental service and is now a household essential for original content and on-demand titles. Some of the best shows and movies you can watch include Spiderhead, Interceptor, Bean, Last Breath, Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight Rises, Wonder Woman, and many more. 

The monthly basic plan starts from $9.99 per month. While the premium one can opt for $19.99 per month with a streaming option on up to four devices. Netflix also offers a 30-day trial to let you decide whether you want to stay with it or move to another one. 

Amazon Prime  

Amazon Prime is also one of the most popular choices for cable cutters and streaming lovers. The monthly fee is just as much as Netflix, which can be streamed simultaneously on three screens. Amazon Prime Video is great for those who love to shop all around the year on Amazon and enjoy free shipping on select items. 

Some of the popular shows and movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jumper, Hotel Transylvania, Mission Impossible Fallout, Transformers Age of Extinctions, and The Revenant, War of the Worlds. 


Disney+ is another great and top streaming platform in 2022. It was launched in 2019 and has been a popular choice for many people around the world. When it comes to kids, Disney+ is another great way to spend time and have fun all through the day. There are over 100 million subscriptions, which only cost $7.99 per month. The subscription allows you to stream on four screens simultaneously and create up to 7 profiles. 

Disney is one of the best streaming services and can be a great addition to your existing streaming subscriptions. Those having kids at home can give Disney+ a try and watch popular movies and TV shows like Hamilton, Encore, Pixar In Real Life, High School Musical, The World According to Goldblum, and many more. 


You might be surprised to see this streaming platform on our list as it has not been very popular among people as much as Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime. The streaming service is owned by Sony Pictures and has a good reputation in the anime genre. Some of the popular shows include Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, and My Hero Academia. 

Funimation’s premium costs only $7.99 per month and allows you to stream on up to five devices. The streaming platform also offers simultaneous streams as soon as they are aired. If you want to watch English dubbed versions of newly released anime shows, turn on Funimation. 

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another great platform for you to have everything such as on-demand shows, movies, and best of all live TV channels. YouTube TV is said to be the best platform for those who want to watch live channels including news, sports, and other live events. 

YouTube TV monthly subscription costs only $64.99 per month, while for a limited time, it is being offered for $54.99 per month for three months. No need to worry about equipment, hidden charges, hike in bills, and contractual obligations. Some of the popular TV channels you could watch on YouTube TV are ABC, Fox News, Food Network, FS1, Comedy Central, and many more. 

Summing Up

If you are tired of paying hefty bills to your cable provider, you don’t need to worry anymore because the aforementioned platforms are enough to give you treat every day. Whether it be watching TV-series or blockbuster movies, most of the streaming platforms have got you covered from in and out. Make sure to analyze each streaming service before subscribing to pick the best one. 


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