Why You Should Not Play Pubg : Top Reasons

Why You Should Not Play Pubg

Once a new game drops, and everyone raves about it, I check it out. That’s why I checked out PUBG in 2017, when it newly gained popularity. To be honest, I didn’t think the game’s early popularity was worth it, and even now, in 2019, I recommend that you should not play PUBG.

If you are thinking of downloading and playing the game, do yourself the favour of making a quick read of this article. It will safe you the valuable time that you should have invested in a much more entertaining venture.

Story Line

There is nothing phenomenal about the game’s story line. It is pretty much the basic line which is: start, run, hide, camp, keep camping, try to get your reflex right, aim to fire headshot, run, hide, camp, keep camping, continue the repetitions until you get to the top.

A few other activities like using a car, crouching, walking, and throwing a grenade, are obtainable, but only when you are sure that it is properly safe to come out of your camping position. There is really nothing impressive in this.

Game Mode

The game has three modes: the solo, duo and squad. You are expected to battle against 100 opponents. The thrill, which some gamers claim to have from this game, comes when you play with friends. If you are an introvert, who rarely has friends, but desires to have an enjoyable gaming time, you should not play PUBG. Twitch is an interactive service that might help for a superb gaming performance particularly PUBG. You can get Twitch promo service to step ahead.


PUBG is better played on PC, and of course, it is not portable. The PUBG mobile, which was subsequently introduced, is mediocre. As a beginner, if you use the PUBG mobile, you will be playing against bots. Of course, you know how frustrating this can be. Worse still,  you cannot play PUBG mobile with your friends who are playing PUBG PC.

Speed of Winning

If you are a fast-paced individual, you should not play PUBG. This is one of the most frustrating elements of the game. Most of your opponents will spend their time trying to protect themselves by camping, and using the time to target any opponent who is seen. Even if you do not want to camp, you are forced to do this in order to protect yourself too.

The time which ought to be used in taking out your opponents quickly, is spent on camping behind a tree or in a bush. Because of this, more than thirty minutes may elapse before you successfully complete a stage.

Mechanics of the Game

For a game that has enjoyed some degree of popularity, the mechanics of the game is below expectation. I will point out some areas:

  • If you want a game that involves tactical shooting and a lot of engaging fire fights, do not play PUBG.

You can hardly take a good shot while running. The game does not have hit detection or aim assist, which allows you to zoom in on your target. So, your chance at taking a good headshot is while you are camping.

Even when camping, the control pad is not easily maneuvered for making quick reflexes before taking an aim.

The aiming mode is always entirely changed once you change the direction of your aim.

  • The controls are not user friendly, and in the process of figuring out the right buttons, you may end up missing your target or be killed. It can be frustrating a whole lot of times.
  • The only way to kill your opponent is through a head shot.
  • The mechanics are also unrealistic. You can’t kill your opponent by a single shot. If you shoot your opponent’s torso, he will still be conveniently firing back at you.
  • The vehicle physics is below par. This is because the unnecessary loud noise from the vehicle immediately alerts your opponents of your location, and this kills your chances of being hidden.

You are mostly left with the option of running or crunching in order to protect yourself. Given the initial land mass of the play area, this can be difficult and frustrating.

Wifi or mobile network connection

PUBG is an online game. The ‘supposed’ offline mobile PUBG cannot be found on google play store for Android phones. If your network connection ceases or has a temporary glitch, your game automatically ceases, and you are required to start over.

Battery life

Of course, it sucks the hell out of your battery life. Your PC must be constantly connected to a power source, or you risk loosing your current game and starting over, if your battery shuts down.

Graphics and Animation

PUBG’s graphics and animations are below par. Considering that the game enjoys a bit of popularity, the developers of the game ought to have upgraded the graphics and animations.

Psychological Disadvantages

The game does not favour beginners. They lose their lives quickly, and in order to stop this, a lot of new PUBG gamers dedicate so much of their productive or resting time, in trying to perfect their skills for the game.

Frustration sets in when there is a consistent loss despite the hundreds of hours put into perfecting your skills. You don’t want to be sulking because you lost a game.

Since the game will usually involve playing with friends, the hostility it breeds between yourself and your friends/other players, especially the cheating participants, is not worth the game.


You may ask, with all these negativities, why did PUBG become popular, especially in India.

I must say that the only thrill, and the possible reason for the popularity of PUBG, is the opportunity to play with friends. Some gamers may claim that they enjoy the suspense the game presents, but honestly, this is not enough motivation to play the game.

Considering the inadequacies of the game, especially its basic story line, speed of winning, and the frustrations caused by the mechanics of the game, my candid opinion is that you are honestly not missing anything spectacular if you do not play PUBG.

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