5 Reasons Why You Need To Choose A Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator

5 Reasons Why You Need To Choose A Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm at the present date. There are many investors globally who are willing to invest in the market. In such a scenario, it is essential to find a platform that can be useful for exchanging coins. https://alligat0r.com/ is one such exchange aggregator platform that has gained popularity due to its ease of usage and accessibility. This article will list the best reasons for using an exchange aggregator to help investors gain more knowledge about exchanges. 

A Larger Pool Of Coins

There are many cryptocurrencies and tokens currently being traded in the market. But not all exchange platforms can have all kinds of coins present on their network available for exchange. But the exchange aggregators work with various exchange platforms. The exchange aggregators are continually working on getting various central exchange platforms onboard. 

It provides users with the opportunity to exchange the most extensive range of coins available across various platforms. So, collectively, the exchange aggregator platform has a more extensive base of offerings than any other singular exchange platform. It makes such platforms an excellent choice for day trading or investment in general. 


When one uses a singular exchange platform to exchange coins, the coins are naturally stored on the network. That is until one manually sends them to a different hot or cold wallet. But for an exchange aggregator, there is no such issue. So, there is also almost zero possibility of security threats. When exchanging using an aggregator, one can directly send the coins to the wallet, which is always secure. 

Better Prices

It is an apparent reason since aggregators present different options. The responsibility of an exchange aggregator is to present all exchange options available to the users for exchanging any digital asset. Usually, one may have to stick to one kind of exchange platform they know to be secure or conduct extensive research to find the best prices. But that hassle is completely gone with the aggregator presenting all the best exchange platform options with the best exchange rates and fees and offers that can be used. The exchange platforms showcased on an aggregator are also secure. Because aggregator platforms conduct background checks for the security offered on the listed exchange platforms. 

Better user experience

Even though cryptocurrencies have been around for a decade, it is still a new concept for many. It might be a completely new experience for many when it comes to exchanging. Such individuals would need an easy-to-access and straightforward solution. Shuffling through exchange platforms can seem to be a difficult task. An aggregator is a very suitable option since it reduces all hassles and incorporates a straightforward exchange process to follow. 

Customer support

When using different kinds of exchange platforms, one may need to knock on too many doors if any problem arises. But due to the unified nature of working of exchange aggregators, one may need to knock only on one door. The aggregators are highly dependent on the customers, so providing the best customer support is essential. So, they usually extend highly responsive, quick, and helpful customer services. 


Due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, many investors are looking to find entry points into the market. Using an exchange platform may be the most favorable option for them. But they also do not prefer having to undertake the hassle to find the one that offers best exchange rate and minimal exchange fee. Therefore, using a crypto exchange aggregator would be the best bet. 


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