Why Is Google Left Aligned?- A Definitive Answer

Why Is Google Left Aligned

Google is by far the most popular browser in the world. The website has an average of 5.4 billion searches per day, compared to 1.41 billion daily views for YouTube, which ranks second.

Google is undeniably popular. If you have paid attention, you might have noticed that search results appear on the left-hand side, while the right is mostly blank. It leads many people to wonder why it is the default.

Why is Google Left Aligned?

Google is left aligned because it is easier to read paragraphs when justified to the left. Previously, Google search results were center-aligned. Central alignment ensured that the results appeared right where you had the search bar. Google has been using the left alignment for over a decade.

How To Change Text Alignment On Google

Did you know that it is possible to change the text alignment on Google? Google has controls that enable users to customize the appearance and personalize the experience.

If you do not like your current alignment, here is what you can do:

On Windows:

Hold down Ctrl, Shift, and J simultaneously to justify the text.

On Mac:

Hold down Cmd, Shift, and J.

How To Change Text Alignment On Google Docs

It is pretty easy to change the alignment on your document. The procedure is simple:

1. To align your text to the left:

Highlight the text

Hold down Ctrl, Shift, and L at the same time.

2. To align to the center:

Highlight the text

Hold down Ctrl, Shift, and E simultaneously.

3. To align to the right:

Hold down Ctrl, shift, and R simultaneously.

Aligning Text On Emails

You can format your email in the text box without sending it as an attachment. It makes the process easier and faster for the sender and the recipient.

  • To align the text to the right:

Highlight the portion you wish to align

Press A and L simultaneously.

  • To Align to the right,

Highlight the text

Press A and R.

  • To align the text down the middle:

Highlight the text

Press A and C simultaneously.

How Do I Change The Text Alignment In The Address Bar?

If you are using an ultra-wide monitor, the left alignment on your display can be pretty odd and uncomfortable to read.

You can easily change your settings so that the text is where you need it. How do you do it?

Hold Ctrl and the Shift button on the right-hand side of the keyboard to move the bar to the right.

Hold down Ctrl and the left Shift button to return the address to the left side.


Google text is justified to the left as a default. This alignment is to make it easier for the user to read and scheme through paragraphs.

You can easily switch the alignment on the paragraph to the center or the left.


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