Why Does My Hair Curl At The End? Growing Amazing Hair

Why Does My Hair Curl At The End.

Hair is essential to many people, and you might be one of these. Product companies have put millions of dollars in research to help produce products that will help their customers curl or straighten their hair or change the color, and so much more.

Your hair could be curling naturally at the tips, and this could be a good thing or bad, depending on what you want. 

Nonetheless, you need to know why this happens so you can fix it or make it better. Let us get into the details of the matter and understand this;

Why Does My Hair Curl At The End?

Hair strands don’t have a uniform thickness; they are thicker at the base and grow thinner as you go up. The tips of hair follicles are significantly weaker; thus, it is easier to lift them or twist with a bit of force since they are not as strong. 

Any little pressure or wind can be enough to twist the hair, which is why the tips often get curls while the rest of the hair stays intact.

Some Factors That Can Cause Curling

Curling of hair tips is natural, and it happens to almost everyone, with some people feeling the effects less than others. 

This difference implies that there are factors that affect the rate of curling, and knowing these could be the solution to your problem so let’s get into it;

1. Changes in hair products

You could have changed to a new brand of shampoo that affects your hair strength. The weaker your hair is, the more curls you will have. 

While this might be a good thing for some people, it can present a problem if you straighten your hair out.

Bleaching or coloring your hair can significantly change how much it curls. Bleaching or coloring uses chemicals, so they will affect the color of your hair and might increase curls at the tips.

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2. Season, food, and hormones

This might seem far-fetched, but the season can affect how curled up your hair gets. Seasons affect heat and humidity, which affect your hair composition. The season can also be windy, so your hair has more pressure and curls more.

Hormonal changes in your body could affect the texture of your hair, making it softer or tougher, thus affecting how it gets curled up. 

Changing your diet can also affect how much your hair curls since your hair grows through minerals in your body. 

Changing your diet can affect how your hair grows, and it can make the follicles weaker and the tips thinner; hence the curls will be more troublesome.


Curling hair happens because the tips are weaker than the rest of the hair strands; thus, they can bend under as little pressure as wind. Changing products can also cause this, so it might be good to switch back to your usual routine if you experience this change in a new product.


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