Do My Friends Hate Me? Reading Minds

Do My Friends Hate Me

Human interactions are complicated, and you might not always understand people or their feelings towards you. 

Most of us have friends that we grow close to, and we look at them as family, sharing food, experiences, memories, and life with them.

Sometimes these feelings could feel off, and you might think that your friends hate you. This happens, so you need to know when it happens to you so you don’t force yourself into an awkward situation. Let’s get into it;

Do My Friends Hate Me?

If you have a lot of friends, chances are some of them might hate you, or it is all in your head, and nine of them do. 

In any case, here are the three most common reasons why people might hate you; knowing this will help you figure out whether your friends hate you.

1. They see you as a direct threat

If you work with friends or have something competitive, you both do; being good at it might make them see you as a problem. You could be confident and bold, making you seem like you have it all figured out.

As such, some people will hate you for it, not necessarily because you did something to them. Some people might dislike you because you have achieved something they could not. In such a case, just be yourself and do what is best for you.

2. You did something that offends them

We don’t like to admit it, but we are human, and we make mistakes all the time. You could have done something that offends your friend, and you don’t seem to change it, so they get mad, and that anger festers and changes to hate.

It would be best if you were more considerate about the feelings of people you consider as your friends. For someone to be your friend, you must know a lot about them, so you need to use that information to deal with them respectfully and considerately to keep the love strong.

3. You were never friends, to begin with

Most people mistake people they are stuck with for friends. You might be on the same job or in the same classes, so you end up spending a lot of time together, but that doesn’t mean that you are friends.

You might consider them a friend, but the truth is, the other person never liked you from the start, so when the opportunity arises, they express their dislike.  Sometimes, they don’t hate you, but they don’t like you as much as you like them.

Understand your boundaries to make sure any feelings for people around you are mutual lest you feel hated by people who don’t hate you.


People are different, and you could find yourself hated by people you consider your friends. You could try to talk to them and get to the bottom of the issue or move on and find a new group to hang out with.


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