Why Do Marines Eat Crayons? Busting A Military Myth

Why Do Marines Eat Crayons

The United States Army is one of the strongest on the planet, and a big part of this is the US marines. 

Like any big organization, there are a lot of rumors, conspiracies, and jokes about the military branches, one of the most common ones being that marines eat crayons.

If you have a friend in the Marine Corps, you must have seen someone prank or tease them with crayons at some point. 

Let us look at the details of the US military operations to see if these claims are true and, if so, why it happens;

Why Do Marines Eat Crayons? 

Marines don’t eat crayons; the statement is a symbolic joke made by members of other military branches to make fun of marines. 

There are stereotypes between members of the military branches, and the marines are jokingly looked at as stupid. The joke is that they have the same intelligence level as kids who eat crayons since the Marine corps accepts almost anyone.

Understanding The Marines Eating Crayons Joke

The joke about marines eating crayons is so common that most people believe it is true. A former marine opening a company that makes edible crayons did not make the joke seem less real. 

This joke has been so popular and has been subject to many memes and pranks across the US in military families. 

This joke stems from the fact that it is not impressive to get into the Marine Corps compared to other factions.

It is incredibly easy to get into the Marine Corps compared to other military branches. Even without a record, you can get into the Marine Corps; thus, the other military branches make it look like the marines are stupid.

Other branches like the Navy and air force demand high levels of intelligence since their operations are often more sophisticated. 

Don’t get me wrong; marines are well trained and efficient in combat. Such jokes are a way of breaking the ice when these groups meet, and there is no truth to them. For instance, sailors are made fun of for being softies.

Members of the US air force are stereotyped as lazy since they don’t do any work sitting in a cockpit the whole time. 

Mind you; all the branches demand a lot from their soldiers, and the soldiers respect each other; these jokes have only come up as a way to connect.


Most people believe that marines eat crayons, but this isn’t factual. The whole thing is a joke from a stereotype by other military branches that tease the marines for being stupid. The joke is that marines have an IQ of kids who eat crayons; thus, they eat crayons.

These jokes are common between military personnel of different branches, but there isn’t any truth to it. It is a joke among people who respect each other for their role in serving their country, and members of each branch understand where their stereotypes come from.

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