5 Ways Corporate Gifting Boosts Team Performance

5 Ways Corporate Gifting Boosts Team Performance

Corporate gifting has become an established practice in many organizations. Gift-giving is a great way to show your employees that they are the most treasured assets in your company, and the business cannot thrive without them. That’s why giving them a special thanks along with simply paying their salary is always a good gesture of appreciation. 

This also can apply to that agency your company has partnered with for a joint venture or even the clients that helped you achieve the growth. Whoever it is, you may naturally want to thank them for their support while maintaining good relationships with customers, business associates, and your own staff members. 

Whether you run a small team of five talents or supervise hundreds of offices scattered all around the globe, you can easily send flowers to Russia, or any other spot in the world, to surprise your employees and raise their productivity. If workplace gifting is not a customary practice in your organization, there are five good reasons why you should seriously consider incorporating it into your company policy. 

Boosted Morale

Corporate gifts contribute to the creation of positive workplace culture. A workplace corporate culture creates virtuous circles and elevates company morale. When a business is going through a tough peak period and everyone is stressed out in the office, corporate gifts can lighten the atmosphere, increase team spirit, and help people feel valued.

Even if the gift is not perfect or doesn’t meet the expectations, effort and generosity are always appreciated. For organizations, it helps create a bond between coworkers and improves the team mood by letting the employees know that they are the valued assets in the organization. When feeling special, employees are willing to reciprocate and start putting their best efforts into the company’s success. 

Employees Who Feel Valued Work Better

Everyone wants to feel recognized and respected. No one wants to work somewhere with supervisors never caring about them and treating them like consumable material. It was established through many surveys that gratitude translates into more responsible and fruitful work. Appreciation has a much larger impact on a team’s productivity compared to when employees work in fear of losing their job. Employees are motivated to work harder when their supervisor shows recognition for their work, not when the boss is demanding and criticizing. 

Increased Loyalty

This may sound obvious, but when people feel valued, they are less subject to burnout. Less burnout means they are less likely to quit. They want to stay. They want to continue to contribute their skills and knowledge to the company’s prosperity because they feel appreciated here.

Corporate gifting can nurture loyalty not only in employees. Organizations that serve customers can also benefit from corporate bestowals. Clients that receive tokens of appreciation from companies tend to do more business with them. Gifts and rewards increase the frequency of their purchases and build customer trust, so that they become true brand advocates and keep the referrals coming. That way, gifting helps encourage customer devotedness to your business.

Corporate Gifting Lowers Stress

Stress is a proven contributor to productivity decline, health problems, and employee burnout. Employees who burn out are more likely to take sick days. They start thinking of leaving their current employer, and some of them will even need medical attention or the help of a physiologist. 

Gifts and rewards can effectively combat stress. Tokens of appreciation distract workers from stressful events, even for a few minutes. Receiving a gift initiates a mental break from stressful work moments or mundane routines. Carefully-selected gifts help employees feel like it’s OK to take a small break from the office extravaganza for relaxation and self-care.

If you are feeling stumped when it comes to choosing corporate gifts, fresh flowers and plants are no-fail options you can safely stick to. The apparent benefits of beautiful foliage as office gifts include:

  • reduced stress and anxiety;
  • boosted energy and performance;
  • improved compassion and kindness;
  • increased creativity and innovation.

Decorating any office with plants has a bevy of advantages – the air gets cleaner, the atmosphere becomes more relaxing, and the space gets freed of harmful toxins. Plus, houseplants are generally fuss-free and don’t require much maintenance (just remember to water them from time to time).

Having some touches of nature indoors also has a proven emotional impact on people. Major psychological and emotional benefits of having flowers and plants in any setting include: decreased stress, increased positive vibes, and an overall kinder and more compassionate social setting. By using flowers and plants in the workplace, employees experience improved innovation and demonstrate better creativity in problem-solving.

Best Corporate Gift Ideas

While nothing beast natural flowers and plants in terms of beauty, symbolism, and usefulness, there are many other appropriate solutions you may consider when deciding on corporate gifts. If you don’t want to send business gifts that will end up in the dusty corners of offices, here are smart corporate gift ideas that are original and thoughtful enough to become favorite possessions or create valuable memories. 

  • A bottle of their favorite spirit from a prestigious brand. Consider adding a custom bottle engraving to make this gift even more special.
  • Sweets or chocolate from some cult-favorite bakery will provide a delicious treat for your cherished workers.
  • A cute mug that regulates the drink’s temperature – busy workers will be thankful for such a present.
  • Tea and coffee gift boxes – they are foolproof gift ideas for anyone who loves to cozy up with a cuppa in between work errands.
  • Starbucks gift cards. Starbucks cafes are spread all over the world, making its gift cards a great option if you have employees in different locations. 
  • Snack boxes – providing in-office snacks reminds your employees that the company cares about their well-being; it also helps teams be more productive and reduces their time spent traveling outside the office for food.
  • Travel suitcases. Let your employees look their coolest when they fly from destination to destination for business. Travel wellness kits are also a gift that cannot be denied. 
  • Patterned socks. Whatever your office dress code, the fun socks are always welcome. The market is brimming with all possible styles of socks with bold, whimsical patterns and prints. 
  • Solar power bank. An additional source of energy for devices may sometimes save lives, so your employees will most likely think highly of such a gift.
  • Lovely blankets. Snuggling into a soft and cozy blanket after a hard day at work is precious and sparks gratitude toward the giver. 
  • Professional photoshoot. Getting the studio-quality photos they’ve always wanted, be it solo or with family, friends, or loved ones, is a gift to fondly remember (and be grateful) for years.


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