Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great? The Lives of Nurses

Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great

Our world has evolved, and people have many professions, including engineering, art, physics, medicine, law, etc. 

One of the most strenuous and most demanding professions is medicine because it is crucial to survival.

When thinking about medicine, most people go straight to doctors, and it can be easy to overlook nurses. 

Nurses are the backbone of the medical guild, and they take care of patients and do a lot more than we know. Let’s get into the details and see their role in modern medicine;

Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great?

In most cases, nurses don’t think they are so great; doctors say they can’t do without nurses, and this is true. 

While doctors prescribe medication and diagnoses, the nurses deal with the patients and administer the medication. Nurses keep the records, take patient vitals, clean the patients and their environs and in all essence, keep patients alive.

What Do Nurses Do In Hospitals

The recent coronavirus pandemic has given us an appreciation for medics and nurses in particular. 

To understand why most people, including high-level doctors, respect nurses so much, we need to look into what nurses do in hospitals;

Registered nurses provide care for patients in their clinics and hospitals. They are a part of the bigger healthcare team that includes physicians, surgeons, specialists, technicians, assistants, and many more.

Nurses work on the frontlines of healthcare, their services aren’t in the background, and they meet face to face with patients in their hands-on profession. Nurses often meet and examine most of the patients that come into hospitals.

Nurses take the patient’s vitals, health records, and measurements to determine the best care. They will also examine a patient’s condition and symptoms in some cases to determine how sick the patient is and how urgently they need to see a doctor.

Nurses may also perform other diagnostic tests and draw blood depending on their level. They use their knowledge to make care recommendations to the doctor after assessing the patient. After the diagnosis, the nurse will educate the patient on managing their condition.

Nurses also provide emotional support for patients and their families during emergencies. In some clinics, nurses see non-life-threatening injuries like cuts and bruises. Nurses in hospitals look after admitted patients that need close observation.

Nurses also work in military camps, schools, prisons, patients’ homes, and assisted living facilities to help those who need medical care. 

Some nurses specialize in given areas, some specializing in children while others the elderly or people in surgery. 


Nurses are a crucial part of the medical process, and hospitals couldn’t run without them. When you go to a hospital, a nurse will help you at some point, so it makes sense why most doctors and patients value nurses so much; they are great people that connect with and help patients.


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