Why Does Copying Take So Long On PS4? PS4 File Management

Why Does Copying Take So Long On PS4

Gaming is a popular entertainment option for people globally, and companies that create gaming consoles make millions from them. 

Standard consoles include the PlayStation and Xbox, which offer a long list of games for their users.

Before you play a game, you have to buy it and install it on your PlayStation, and the most popular version is the PS4. 

This installation might take a long time, and you might be curious why. Let us take a closer look at the PS4 to see how it moves your files;

Why Does Copying Take So Long On PS4

The main reason copying takes so long is the large size of the game files; they have audio, video, graphics, images, etc. 

The larger the game is, the longer it will take for your PS4 to copy the file. Games like Call of Duty Warzone will take a long time because they are large and have numerous updates during the installation.

How To Speed Up PS4 Copying

You might have a problem waiting for your PS4 to copy games and updates at its regular slow pace. 

You will be happy to know that you can speed it up with a few tricks, so let us get into it and help you figure it out;

Sometimes it will take longer to copy the file than download it. This is because the issue with copying doesn’t come from your internet speed, so adjusting the internet speed will not make your PS4 copy any faster.

You can change some things about your PS4 to make the process quicker. The first option is buying a solid-state hard drive which will be inbuilt in the PS5. 

SSDs are much faster than traditional storage media, so they will take less time to write games.

It would be best if you tried to get a large-capacity SSD like 1 Terabyte, so you have enough space to copy all your games. 

This will make your PS4 run faster when copying and launching the game, and you will have a better experience.

The problem is that the hardware in the PS4 is outdated, and changing the SSD will improve the system as much as the hardware can support. 

If you don’t have the option of getting a new SSD, you can improve your current hard drive to get better service from it. 

Rebuilding your PS4 database will speed up your current hard drive and make the OS on your console run faster. 

This will make your copying a bit quicker, the console will turn on more quickly, and the games will run much better. 


Copying on PS4 takes time because the game files are large, and the hard disk is not fast. You can improve it by changing the hard disk for a quicker option like SSD drives, but they are expensive and might not be a good choice for everyone.


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