Why Do My Eyes Burn When I Cry? Human Eye Physiology 

Why Do My Eyes Burn When I Cry

The human body is complex, and it might take anyone years to master how most of its aspects work. 

Combining our five senses in the brain to make our day-to-day lives is truly remarkable, and it would be hard to survive when one of these senses is compromised.

Eyesight is particularly tricky and delicate, so you need to take extra care of your eyes. One of the biggest problems people have is a sharp pain in the eyes, especially when they shed tears. Let us look into the eye and help you figure out why this happens and possible fixes;

Why Do My Eyes Burn When I Cry?

Dry eye syndrome can cause this burning sensation because of the concentration of your tears. Healthy tears have a specific concentration of mucus, water, and oil, which keeps the eye moist. 

When there is an imbalance in these ratios, the eyes will become dry and irritated, which will lead to a burning sensation. You can go to an optician for a diagnosis since the condition is treatable. 

What Causes Burning Eyes?

Millions of people suffer from burning eyes in different forms, and those above fifty years old have the most significant concerns. 

Some other symptoms you can have include itchiness and sting in the eyes, so let us get into the details of the issue;

1. Inability to produce quality tears

Tears have a complex set of molecules other than water. If the quality of the tears diminishes, they evaporate faster, resulting in dry eyes and pain. This is why older people are more susceptible to feeling pain in the eyes.

2. Environmental conditions

Some chemicals we use around the house can elicit a burning feeling in your eyes. They can be in disinfectants, aerosol sprays, and other compounds. Certain fragrances and perfumes can also cause pain in your eyes.

Skin cream and shampoo can also produce fumes that cause intense pain in the eyes. Some particles like dust can get into the eye and cause a burning sensation as an immune response to it.

3. Allergies and autoimmune responses

When you are around substances you are allergic to; your eyes might tear up and burn. Pain is the brain’s way of getting the body out of a harmful situation; it can be a normal response. Tears clean the eyes of any harmful chemicals that could be burning your eyes.

Sometimes, your body might react to pathogens without appropriate triggers, the autoimmune response. 

It can also cause the same reactions as an allergy or irritation in the eye; thus, you should expect some pain. 


Millions of people worldwide have burning eyes since there are many reasons behind it. For some people, it is because of imbalance in the tear composition while the environment triggers the pain in others, see an optician for accurate analysis and treatment.


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