Why Did Nick Leave Ghost Adventures? Nick Groff’s World

Why Did Nick Leave Ghost Adventures

Nicholas Groff is an American filmmaker and a paranormal investigator. He produces content covering paranormal activities and the peculiar realm of the invisible world. 

His insatiable taste in horror movies gradually groomed him into the psychic world.  

He’s famous for his incredible contributions to the Ghost Adventures series. Since the dawn of this series, Groff co-investigates with Billy Tolley. 

Their unprecedented efforts have ensured that Ghost Adventures stays on the radar for long.

Despite the vastness of his success with Ghost Adventures, he eventually left. He went ahead to pursue other exciting ventures. Read along to uncover controversies surrounding Groff’s ouster.

Why Did Nick Leave Ghost Adventures?

Nick’s decision to leave Ghost Adventures remains a mystery. Rumors have it that the show axed him for running a parallel exhibition, Ghost Stalkers. Moreover, word on the streets states that Nick and Zack Bagans didn’t see eye to eye.

The root of their dispute is not concrete. However, evidence suggests that the deceptive nature of one producer sparked their division. Additionally, Nick stepped down due to Zack’s unquenched thirst for fame. 

Nick Groff At A Glance 

Groff’s Brief Background

Nicholas Groff is a famous filmmaker and an avid investigator of paranormal activities. Ghost adventure is one of his top-tier projects that many global viewers follow keenly. Aside from the prominence of his face online, he is a musician.

Born on 19 April 1980, Nick started watching horror movies from a young age. Rumors believe his childhood thrill for horrendous films ushered him to paranormal activities—his unmatched contribution in most Ghost Adventures episodes.

Aside from investigation, Groff was a crucial element in most of the show’s production process. 

He was the executive producer, editor, and cameraman of the show. His dynamic nature scooped top ratings from religious viewers keen on the Ghost Adventure show.

During his time at Ghost Adventures, he worked with Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin to enhance the show’s quality. 

However, after a successive ten-season run of the play, Nick announced that he wouldn’t continue further with the show. 

He is married to Veronique Roussel, whom he met in high school. During their senior years at high school, these two couples got engaged and have since been together. Zak Bagan was the DJ at Nick’s wedding. 

He firmly believes that some of the mysterious events in his life are greatly influenced by the paranormal. He arrived at this conclusion after surviving a deadly accident when he was young.

He usually went to the waters with his sister, Dianna, for swimming practice. Groff was usually the first one to get out of the water. One day he climbs up 1 foot in a rotten tree from which he fell. 

Nick reveals that he got involved in a terrible accident when he was eight. He fell from the branch of a tree and sustained fatal injuries. 

It was this accident that provided him with a near-death experience. He firmly believes that this single incident brought him closer to understanding the supernatural. 

Nick’s Career And Fallout

His move came as a surprise to his loyal fans. Unbelievable. So, what prompted the ingenious filmmaker to leave the show? Was he fired?

Rumors speculate that Zak laid off Nick from the show. That rumour is yet to get supporting evidence. 

However, reports indicate that Nick and Zack had personal issues and rarely sided together in most matters. The deceptive nature of one of the show’s producers is a plausible cause for the ouster.

Nick’s decision to step down from the team behind Ghost Adventure masterclass is due to Zak’s conduct. 

He didn’t want to make things public, but his online posts suggested that Zak was on the show primarily for fame. 

On the flip side, Groff had his fallout with Zack. His work in Ghost Stalkers replicated what he had in the Ghost Adventure show’s contract. Besides, Nick promoted another paranormal series, the Paranormal Lockdown.

He proceeded to produce more shows after splitting from the Ghost Adventure show. Such include the Ghost Stalkers and his original, Death Walker. He’s also made attempts in the music and podcast fields.

Other Ventures By Nick Groff

Nick is a brilliant individual who enjoys taking on new challenges. He is actively producing movies, music and writing posts all around the paranormal world. Here are some of the ventures that Nick Groff currently engages in his life. 

1. Ghost Stalkers

The fantastic work put in Ghost Adventures showcased the creative abilities of Groff. His outstanding creative glamor provided enough experience to start his paranormal mini-series show. He utilized his freedom well to mastermind the Ghost Stalkers show.

He still did the camera work in this show with the help of the experienced Chad Lindberg. 

Chad played the role of Jesse during the premiere of the Fast and Furious Franchise. Ghost Stalkers also features Johny Housier, Lisa Kovanda, and David Rountree.

Nick extended his industrious run when he took on various roles for this show. Such include writing the script, editing, and operating the camera. Groff sends Chad and Tenny to six supposedly haunted locations in this show. 

The goal of Chad Lindberg and Tenny in this mini-series is to provide the audience with their own experience. 

The duo initially visits the Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana, to carry out the ghost hunting expedition in the first episode.

According to a legend, the estate belonged to a doctor during the 1800s. He used this house to offer clinical services to the locals. 

With little equipment in his’ hospital,’ patients in bad shape used to die in his basement. The spirits of these people are what possibly haunted the house.

In the second episode, the twin ghost-chasers investigate the Springfield State Hospital’s ruins. 

This hospital is notorious for its aggressive treatment of patients. Most patients’ ordeal is the primary reason the area’s locals experience paranormal activities.

2. Paranormal Lockdown

Nick has been starring in his paranormal investigation show, Paranormal Lockdown. Groff and his co-host, Katrina, visit haunted locations in this mini-series. 

They stay in the spooky rooms for up to 72 hours and observe any unusual event. This duo journey through the paranormal world in twenty-eight episodes.

One such location is the Sweet Springs Resort, engineered by Thomas Jefferson. This place harbors a water source adept at curing most diseases. The springs of life that would later be associated with jinxed occurrences.

With time, the Sweet Springs Resort served various purposes. It was once a hospital, a retirement shelter, and an asylum later. During these transition phases, countless individuals lost their lives in this building. 

In another episode, Groff and his partner visit Bobby Macky’s Music World. The building currently serves as a nightclub. 

However, it has a dark history that victims leave to tell. Moreover, the show can trace cult activities in the 17th century.

According to history, a group of Satanists offered human sacrifices in the basement of this building. 

In one incident, the body of Pearl Bryan was lying headless adjacent to this domicile. Her boyfriend instigated her death when he learned that she was pregnant.

The police still managed to link Bryan’s boyfriend to the murder. The jury ruled out that the two lunatics faced the noose. 

While still on the gallows and noose hugging his neck, one of Pearl’s murderers swore to haunt the city. Afterward, an era of bloodshed and murder ensued.

3. Music And Podcasts

Nick Groff released music with his impressive run in the Ghost Adventures show. He released two albums in 2012. 

However, the content wasn’t good enough to go viral, and his fans preferred his shows. Nonetheless, he proceeded to record songs. 

With more than 32 songs under his name, Groff still struggles to get listeners. Despite him not matching the success of Kendrick Lamar or Madonna, he shows how diversified his projects are. A great content creator with a taste in music.

Additionally, Nick produces a paranormal podcast, Sounds Scary, where he shares snippets of his life as a paranormal investigator. 

His podcasts cover the gruesome mysteries surrounding the people of Hollywood. You should note that the podcast revolves around supernatural events. 

His outstanding work with podcasts has attracted top guests like Kevin Smith and JW Ocker. In addition to the paranormal, Groff speaks about classical horror films and horrendous literary work. The discussion aims to unravel the mysteries and share new knowledge.


Nick Groff left Ghost Adventures due to a misunderstanding between Zak Bargains. He accuses Zak of prioritizing fame over quality. 

Nick also had his fallouts that exacerbated their relationship. He promoted another series aside from starting the Ghost Stalkers.

Nick is a man of many talents. He hosts the Sounds Scary podcast, writes posts, and has two albums under his name. However, his music career took a plunge as he recorded low monthly listeners. Despite his unsuccessful music career, Groff shows how diversified his projects are.


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