When Do High School Reunions Happen? Things You Must Know

When Do High School Reunions Happen

High school reunions are special meetings. Why? There’re no foes, just friends interested in having fun.

It’s a unique moment to reconnect with old friends and have some great time together. Meet your old buddies, draw some inspiration, and relive old memories.

Reunions allow old friends and classmates to see themselves once again. You may have been interacting with some of them via social media or via other means. But there’s nothing more exciting than seeing them eye-to-eye.

It’s always great sharing these moments with not just old classmates but friends. You can discuss your old teachers, careers, families and many more!

Alright, when do high school reunions happen? 

Reunions can take place 10 years after graduation. Those involved might choose to continue hosting it every 5 years interval. 

Several factors can determine if a reunion would happen or not. These include the committee organizing it, timing, and willingness of the classmates to attend. 

Also, note that reunions can happen after 5 years of graduation. The time isn’t set in stone. 

Keep reading for more information on high school reunions.

What High School Reunion Is

A high school reunion is a gathering of old classmates. Reunions take place years after graduation and always funfilled. Old classmates get a chance to see and celebrate each other.

Though reunions are for those that graduated the same year, the organizers may choose to admit individuals who were not so lucky enough to be among the graduates.

Reunions can also take place in any location. But it is always best to have it on the high school premises or nearby.

Hosting it within the premises will allow everyone to relive the fun and memories of high school. These old memories are never easily forgotten.

Having the party on or closer to the class’ graduation anniversary is also a wise decision. However, it all depends on several factors and the alumni’s response.

Note – Summertime might also be the best time for high school reunions to happen. That’s because most of the old students are already parents. So, during the summer holiday, they won’t be busy doing school runs.

High School Reunion: What’s Its Main Purpose?

High school is thought of as the most crucial years of one’s life. These are your formative years, where you probably made several mistakes and gained some knowledge about life.

Think about sports, drama, hilarious nicknames, and wonderful teachers. How did you cope with all the drama that happened during your time in high school?

High school reunions are a great time to relive these funny but important memories of your formative years.

Here are high school reunions’ purposes.

Rebond with old friends:

It’s been over a decade since you last saw your high school friends. You have lost all contacts with them.

High school reunions will offer you a good opportunity to reconnect with friends. Learn about their successes and challenges. Have they gotten married, have kids, a job, no job, or are busy pursuing other goals in life?

You can also talk about old friends who aren’t present at the reunion for one reason or the other.

Revisit past events:

You might have done some crazy things while in high school that no one knows. Your high school reunion is the perfect time to share it without getting judged or mocked.

Revisit past events, whether they are not-so-great or great events. Remember those silly dance moves, sports, and memories.

Revisit old environment:

You can revisit the high school you graduated from in the company of your classmate. It’s fun and brings back old memories.

If you have more time to spare, rush off to your old neighborhood. See how it has changed and how many of your old neighbors and friends still live there.

Note – Reunions’ purpose is not for old classmates to show off. You can brag a little about your kids, wife, or achievements, but do it in a healthy and un-provocative way. Try to complement your friends too.

High School Reunions – Are They Worth It?

Yes, they do. Reunions are not just about the party, drinking, dancing, jokes, or laughs. It’s an avenue for old classmates to reconnect and, if possible, network.

Your old classmate might be the owner or manager of your dream company, yet you have been expecting a miracle for years.

You might also be looking for a better job, which your old classmate can help you in securing. Let’s not talk about the professional advice or insight you can gain for free to help you succeed in your business endeavors.

Note – When you go to high school reunions, don’t sit down idle, expecting people to interact with you. Move around and interact with friends. Rekindle your bond with old classmates. And don’t forget to request their contact details and keep in touch.

Planning High School Reunion: Simple Tips

All events are difficult to plan, including high school reunions. It doesn’t matter if they’re your old classmates. The fact that you’re going to host a bunch of people makes it more demanding.

Follow these tips to plan your high school reunion more effectively.

Set up a working committee:

Your first step should be to have a committee made up of just old classmates. The head of the committee should be the class president.

Charge the committee members to choose a date for the reunion, among other things. If you like, you can seek the attendees’ opinions or inform them about the date.

Delegate duties:

You need to assign the duties among the committee members. Choose who will handle the booking of the venue, book entertainment; choose décor, menu, and pick up used plates, and so on.

Start selling tickets:

You have formed a committee, hired a venue, and picked a date. Now it is time to start selling tickets. You can decide to use any online ticket service or event websites you know render such services.

Contact the attendees: 

The reunion is about your old classmates coming together. So, let them know what’s happening.

Start by making a list of all your old classmates. If you can’t remember everyone’s name, seek help from the committee members.

You can reach out to your old classmates on Facebook and other social media platforms. But know that not everyone is using social media.

You can also encourage the ones you were able to contact to inform others.

Note – Plan early and arrive at the venue on time to put things in place. That way, you can also have fun and be able to interact with your old classmates.


So, when do high school reunions happen? You should be able to answer this after reading this post. And mind you, your class president might decide to summon your old classmates for a reunion in 5 years. Just know that the time for a reunion to happen is not set in stone. It depends on the committee and the response of the attendees.

We hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

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