11 Honest Reasons On Why Do People Want Kids

Honest Reasons On Why Do People Want Kids

‘Why do people want kids?’ is a crucial question to ask as an adult or married couple. What is so special about having a baby?

There are tons of reasons people want kids. But let’s not forget some have decided to remain childless. It might not have anything to do with fertility, but the individual or couple’s wish to remain childless.

Humans, in general, are wired to reproduce their kind. But you can decide if you want to have kids or not. So, why do people truly want kids? Please keep reading to know our take on this topic.

1. Undying Love For Babies And Little Kids 

All that innocence, cuteness, and tenderness in a child can give meaning to one’s life. It can heal and change one’s perception of life.

Most people want kids of their own because of the love they have for babies. They get so emotional whenever other people’s babies are around, especially when a baby chews on their tongue, you’ll see the cuteness on their faces.

However, there’s a limit to how long you can have your neighbor’s, sibling’s or friend’s baby to yourself. But if you own that baby, you won’t have to worry.

So, love for babies can make people want to have kids of their own. They enjoy being around children, feeding, bathing, and watching over them.

2. The Human Nature

We are wired to procreate. All living things can give rise to an offspring. When you give birth to a baby, your gene is automatically transferred to that child. That’s why most kids look exactly like their parents.

According to the Bible, Christians believe that it’s God’s will for married couples to have children. In Genesis 1:28, God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” That’s God’s command, according to the holy book.

3. To Love And Be Loved

Another reason people want to have kids is to give their love to them. They want to bond and give all their love to their children and be loved in return.

Kids showed much love by their parents while growing up might likely return such love. They can go out of their way to look after such parents in old age, a time one needs utmost care.

Most married couples understand this. That’s why they want to have their kids. When you’re old and frail, who would look after you better than your kids? Of course, no one can.

4. To Carry On Your Legacy

We will not be here forever. That’s the truth about life. We will all leave this earth one day. But if you have kids that you impacted, your legacy will continue to live. And if you’re legacy lives, then you’re equally alive.

The legacy we’re talking about is not your genes, possession, talent, skills, or physical attributes. Your legacy entails how you lived your life and the people whose lives you touched. The love you gave your kids and the people around you will carry on that legacy.

Today, most couples enjoy stable homes because of how their parents lived. They sometimes borrow a leaf from their parent’s parenting book to manage their homes.

So, what would people remember you for when you’re no more? Who would carry on your legacy if you don’t have kids? The reason people may want to have kids is to carry on their legacy.

5. To Feel Joyful And Complete

Married couples would understand this better than anyone. Once you’re married, people expect you to start making babies.

When they don’t see results after so many years, they start asking questions, as if they’re going to provide the funds to look after the kids.

Pressure might come from the bride or bridegroom’s parents too. And it’s not their fault. The joy of having grandchildren around is unquantifiable. Most grandparents can give anything to see that happen.

Couples may start feeling that something is missing from their lives after being childless for years. But once a baby arrives, all the tension and sadness in the home dies down immediately.

Babies bring joy into a home. They can solidify the bond between parents and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Don’t also forget that by bringing a child into this world, you’re automatically getting your grandparents a close friend and ally.

6. To Feel Like A Woman

Ask most women why they want to get married. The answer would be to give birth and raise a family. Most of them get inspired by seeing other women with their children. Being without kids might make them feel less of a woman.

Envy can also inspire most women to want to have kids of their own. They see and hear the neighbors play with their kids and dream of recreating the same atmosphere of happiness and fun in their homes.

7. To Quell Boredom

Who gets bored when there’s a baby in the house? You could even be deprived of your night sleep and may have to forget social media most times.

Moms enjoy doing this, although it’s demanding. The little man in the crib would distort your sleeping time. He’s in control. So, you’ll be busy as a mom and have little or no time to think about the challenges in your life.

You can’t quell boredom by working long hours. Do you know why? You will return to the house tired or fatigued. And worst still, boredom would set in when you aren’t going to work that day.

So, another good reason people want to have kids is to quell boredom. They understand that having a baby in the house will keep them preoccupied, happy, and responsible.

8. To Preserve The Family Line And Name

Many kingdoms, fortunes, and names had been lost forever. Why? There were no successors to imbibe the values and look after the treasures.

Every king or wealthy individual wants to have a child. They don’t want their hard work to be taken by a stranger by the time they are no more.

So, a compelling reason people would want to have kids is to carry on the family line. They want to train and nurture their kids to have good values so that they can look after their father’s business, wealth, or kingdom.

If a king dies without a biological child, his lineage could lose that crown forever. It’s the same thing with a wealthy individual. If one dies without raising a successor, a biological child, the business could crumble in no time.

9. To Instill Joy And Laughter In The Home

Life itself is not a bed of roses. There are times one may experience ups and downs in life. The same thing can happen to couples. Remember, marriage involves two individuals from different backgrounds. So, there’s bound to be some disagreements.

But the presence of a baby can repair a broken relationship. It can help to instill joy, happiness, and laughter in the home.

Having a child can bring joy and laughter to your home. You will have reasons to smile, be happy, and think positively about the future.

You will find many parents working harder than they should. The thought of making their kids happy and meeting all their demands fuels them to work even harder.

So, a good reason most people may want to have kids is to instill joy and laughter in their homes. Everyone in the family would have something to look forward to whenever they wake up in the morning with a kid around.

10. To Correct Past Mistakes 

The will to outperform their parents could be why most people want to bring a child into this world. It could be that they were brought up by parents who never supported or weren’t there when needed the most.

So, bringing kids into this world could help such persons heal from the past. They may want to challenge themselves to work harder and give their kids the training, love, and attention they never had.

For instance, some people dreamed of becoming a medical doctor but never had a chance to pursue their dream. But they’ll fee fulfilled supporting their kids to achieve those dreams they once had or doing bigger things.

11. Build A Squad

How many mother-child couples do you see walking the street or having a great time at the restaurant, park, or museum? Of course, there are many of them.

Some moms even challenge their kids during workout sessions, and it’s always fun. You can’t share such a relationship with your friend’s or neighbor’s child, only yours.

So, the idea of building a squad can entice many people to want to have kids. They can gossip, laugh, play, and even watch movies with their kids. You won’t even miss your partner that much with the kids around you.


‘Why do people want kids?’ that’s what this post is about. You can see that we have shared a plethora of reasons for that.

Bringing a child into this world is a dream for most women. Children are precious and worth more than anything in life. So, what’s the reason you want to have kids? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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