When Do New NCAA Rankings Come Out? Top Football College Rankings

When Do New NCAA Rankings Come Out

When do new NCAA rankings come out? Houston hosted the four-team College Football Playoff’s final season amidst sufficient controversy to unsettle Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

The season was a success, with two thrilling semi finals decided on the final play. Michigan defeated Washington 34–13 in the national championship game, securing the conclusion of the 2023 collegiate football season.

Rankings happen weekly throughout the season. The AP Top 25, the Coaches Poll, and the College Football Playoff Selection Committee all issue their official top 25 rankings. 

The rankings shall immediately impact the placement of CFP playoff teams and New Year’s Bowl contests. Let’s learn more.

When Do New NCAA Rankings Come Out?

There will be six weekly playoff rankings as the 2023–24 College Football builds to the finals. Last season, the rankings began on October 31 and concluded on December 3, marking Selection Day with the sixth and final announcement.

The Associated Press releases fresh college basketball statistics every Monday at around 1 pm ECT.

College Football Rankings

The eligible coaches voted for their top 25 teams around 1:00 pm Eastern Time. The Associated Press then announces its 25 rankings an hour later after official voters submit their papers.

The timings are not exact and are subject to change and delays. These are just estimates; the ranking services may sometimes be 15 to 30 minutes early or late.

Although ballots sometimes arrive late and have occasional delays, poll announcements are always within the timeline.

The Associated Press selects respondents for the poll, compiling a ranking of the twenty-five top teams nationwide. They then award each team points, with the best team getting 25 points.

New Ranking Methodology Changes

New factors emphasize outcomes and social mobility in this year’s rankings. 

These encompass the performance of first-generation college graduates, the proportion of college graduates earning above-average high school wages, and the grade point average of first-generation college graduates. 

As novel indicators of social mobility, this year’s National Universities ranking incorporated first-generation graduate rates and Pell-recipient graduation rates.

The rankings are based on government-sponsored first-generation college students who joined college between the fall of 2011 and the fall of 2013.

For an individual to qualify as a first-generation college student, neither parent must have attended college. Alternatively, the parents’ record must be absent from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

The newly introduced earnings factor focuses on four years after completing their undergraduate degrees. The data is under the College Scorecard, under the federal government, to assist individuals in comparing the value and expense of colleges and universities in the US.

NCAA Early Rankings

Ranking college football teams at any season stage is always prudent, especially for punters. With the 2024 season already underway, here are some of the teams to lookout for:

1. Georgia

The Bulldogs seek to regain their position atop the college football mountain despite their setback last year. They have emerged victorious in 29 of their previous 30 contests.

Had it not been for Alabama’s loss, they would have been in contention for their third consecutive title. With Carson Beck and a largely effective defense, they won three out of the last four playoffs.

Coming in from Florida, Trevor Etienne, will assist at running back. The team has quality receivers and tight ends to elevate this offense to the highest level. 

In 2023, the defense performed below average, but DB Malaki Starks and LB Smael Mondon had the potential to restore it to its former level.

2. Alabama

Nick Saban, a former collegiate football coach who won six of his seven national championships, has hung his boots. 

His legacy as a coach is unparalleled as Kalen DeBoer succeeds him. Recently, he guided Washington to the College Football Playoffs championship game.

Everything in the sport will be different after Saban’s departure, including predictions for the power rankings for this season. 

It will significantly affect rosters nationwide, with particular emphasis on the Huskies presently searching for a replacement for DeBoer.

The Big Ten has four new premier West Coast brands due to Michigan’s first national championship since 1997, strengthening the conference. In conjunction with Saban’s intention to retire, there’ll be a balance in the playing field.

The rebuilding Crimson Tide side advanced to the College Football Playoff and the SEC championship game and had something to celebrate.

Jalen Milroe, a quarterback, performed admirably in the second half of the season and took sixth place in the Heisman Trophy voting. 

As he improves, he ought to be capable of leading the offense, with RB Justice Haynes assuming the primary ball-carrying responsibilities.

Other key players and two crucial cornerbacks are absent from the defense. The team should perform admirably enough to remain near the top of the polls all season.

3. Oregon Ducks

This difficult style of play by Dan Lanning will facilitate Oregon’s transition to the Big Ten. The team’s development under Lanning indicates that a postseason spot is imminent.

Dan Lanning performed admirably during his initial two seasons in charge of coaching at Oregon. ESPN ranked his recruiting class No. 3 for 2024, and he guided the Ducks to a 21-5 record. 

However, Lanning has suffered three of his five losses at Oregon against rival Washington. Given that both institutions are preparing to join the Big Ten, Lanning and his staff must devise a solution to that hurdle.

Additionally, the Ducks are in search of a quarterback. Coming in from Oklahoma, Dillon Gabriel will replace Bo Nix. Tez Johnson, a 1,000-yard receiver, will receive passes from Gabriel, while J James will oversee the running game. 

Moore could become the next quarterback for Oregon if he advances to UCLA. Savage, who spent two years at Kansas State accumulating 115 tackles and six interceptions, will help compensate for the absence of three starting secondary players.

4. Oklahoma

Under the leadership of Brent Venables, the Sooners improved from six to ten victories in his second season. 

They even prevailed over Texas. Will this upward growth trend continue at the SEC, which maintains a significantly busier schedule? 

Jackson Arnold, the quarterback, exhibited both potential and lack of experience in the Alamo Bowl loss to Arizona. 

His velocity and the rate at which the new offensive line becomes effective will determine whether or not this team can contend for a postseason playoff spot. 

and DB Billy Bowman and LB Danny Stoutsman are among the two defense standouts. The unit has seemingly acclimated itself to life at the SEC more effectively after making significant strides in the two years under Venables’ leadership.

5. Ohio State

The Ohio State Buckeyes will again field one of the nation’s top teams. A transformation is occurring in one of the preeminent quarterback rooms nationwide.

Will Howard transferred to Ohio State to succeed Kyle McCord as starting quarterback following his dissatisfaction with Kansas State’s decision to promote freshman Avery Johnson. 

Additionally, defensive end JT Tuimoloau and blocking end Jack Sawyer could re-sign, elevating this duo to among the most formidable in the nation. Both excellent defenders, Lathan Ransom and Cody Simon are set to return to the defense positions.

6. Arizona Wildcats

Coach Jedd Fisch and the Wildcats have performed admirably. Arizona won ten games, including the Valero Alamo Bowl, by a score of 38-24 over Oklahoma.

The Wildcats will have won seven consecutive games before their promotion from the Pac-12 to the Big 12. 

It will be among the finest in their inaugural season of the new division. Most of Arizona’s players from the previous season were undergraduates, so the team is returning with a wealth of talent.

Noah Fifita was an outstanding FBS rookie quarterback, and one of his favored targets, Tetairoa McMillan, is also returning. It is possible that four offensive line mainstays can return, but Morgan should be missed at left tackle.

7. Notre Dame

 During the first two seasons under coach Marcus Freeman, the Fighting Irish achieved 19 victories. 

The offense will undergo significant transformations in 2024. The former head offense coach, Gerad Parker, left to be the head coach at Troy. LSU’s Mike Denbrock will replace him.

The Fighting Irish have scaled to the top of the playoff standings with two additions. The appointment of Mike Denbrock as the new offensive coach is one example. Denbrock’s LSU offense ranked first in the nation in yards per play in 2023.

The second candidate is Riley Leonard, a former quarterback for Duke. His adeptness in running may present the Irish with a novel concept to contemplate. 

Although he is considering entering the draft, safety Xavier Watts could be an asset to the finest defense in the FBS for an additional season.

It is encouraging that several defensive players, including Xavier Watts, Howard Cross III, Rylie Mills, linebacker Jack Kiser, and tackle Howard Cross III, have indicated their intention to return.


When do new NCAA rankings come out? For now, sports pundits and fans can only compose way-too-early Top 25 as the rankings will come out towards the end of the season.

How will the Wolverines perform, given that it is uncertain whether Jim Harbaugh will return for a fourth season? Will the Huskies be favorites for another title run?

Georgia and Alabama headline most lists of the Top 25. Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Mississippi, Oregon, Ohio State, LSU and Oklahoma complete the top ten. We will have to wait, let the season fold out, and see who will eventually win the title this season.


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