What Unexpressed Emotions Lead To

What Unexpressed Emotions Lead To

From childhood, people are taught to restrain and control their emotions, not to show weakness, to follow the rules of behavior and communication. These are important and correct things, but too much pressure from society can lead to the fact that a person begins to suppress emotions, instead of learning to manage and express them correctly. Artificially holding back emotional expressions leads to shutting down within oneself or to unreasonable outbursts of anger, scandals, and tantrums.

Also repressed emotions, especially negative, often become the cause of the development of many diseases. So guilt, constant thinking about the situation, insecurity become causes of development not only depression, neuroses, nervous breakdowns, but also disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, you can express your emotions online. Modern online casinos that accept us players offer many games that will give a powerful adrenaline boost and help you find communication with other players.

For example, gastritis or peptic ulcer is often directly related to the constant presence of a person in a state of severe stress. Anger leads to the development of liver disease. And unspoken feelings of resentment can lead to high blood pressure, the development of asthma, heart disease.

Emotional state directly affects the work of the body, especially on metabolic processes, the violation of which leads to the development of serious chronic diseases.

In this case, the question arises about how to act in this situation to a person. After all, directly express what is going on in the soul is also not allowed. This can provoke offenses and conflicts, which will also not have a favorable effect on human health.

How To Learn To Relieve Tension

First of all, you will have to understand the causes of strong negative emotions. Try to find an explanation for why certain actions of others or their own cause such a violent reaction.

When the reasons are established, it is worth learning to look at controversial situations from the outside. Try to understand the other person’s point of view. Decide for yourself whether the controversial issue is really so fundamental and why. Honest and detailed analysis of the situation will lead to the fact that the need for active display of emotions will not be banal.

A person should understand and realize that emotions, whatever they are, are a natural human reaction. It does not matter whether it is a feeling of compassion or anger. One should not divide emotions into positive and negative. Man does not know how to shut off some and cultivate others. If he suppresses irritability in himself, then at the same time the ability to love and understand people is suppressed.

4It is worth learning how to properly manage emotions and find a use for them. If in a conversation a person begins to torment a feeling of anger or resentment, it is better to honestly confess this to the interlocutor. But it is worth choosing the right form and words for this. There is no need to shout and swear, insult in response.

It is better to start the sentence with the word “I’m sorry”. For example: “I’m sorry, but your words offended me a lot.” It is enough to calmly tell about your feelings, explain the reason for this state. In most cases, the interlocutor listens and tries to correct his own mistake or clarify the point of view. In this way, the feeling will find its way out, but at the same time there will be a chance to avoid conflict.

If there is no chance to directly tell about the accumulated feelings, it is worth finding a way to spill these feelings. For this purpose, sports, creative activities, handicrafts, walks, bicycling are suitable.

Do not forget about the possibility of visiting a psychologist. Also, sometimes it is enough to have a heart-to-heart talk with a loved one. The same way of expressing feelings includes the habit of keeping a personal diary, on the pages of which you can frankly talk about what is going on in the soul. It is also an opportunity to reread what you have written and look at the situation from a different perspective.


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