I Am A Leo, And My Partner’s Sign Is Aquarius

I Am A Leo, And My Partner's Sign Is Aquarius

Your Aquarius partner may puzzle you, but the fact that you don’t fully understand them just makes you more motivated to figure them out. It is difficult to imagine someone more dissimilar to yourself than an Aquarius since they are fiercely autonomous, independent, and even a little peculiar. The task of Aquarius is to act defiantly, to shake up the standards of society, to rip apart and renovate that which has become outdated and worn out. Your partner may occasionally accuse you of being a traditionalist and excessively willing to appease the status quo. Although you may readily confess this (as a Leo, you have a strong need for approval and, more importantly, respect), you will feel uneasy on the inside due to the difficulty of this test.

You are quite materialistic, although Aquarius tends to be less so. You are also perplexed by his or her preference to purchase yet another computer at a time when you are itching to check out the newest trendy club, the most cutting-edge elite restaurant, and a brand-new luxury automobile. Aquarius, an air sign, is controlled by the unpredictable and electrifying planet Uranus. Therefore people born under this sign are magnetically drawn to modern technology and the Information Age. They are not interested in showing off or elevating their prestige with their computer purchases; rather, they want to improve their efficiency. If Gemini requires a dial tone like they require oxygen, Aquarius Zodiac Sign requires an infusion of Internet like it’s their life’s blood. You may have to get used to their long hours at the keyboard while you read the newspaper arts section to catch up on all the performances you’ve missed. You are not going to be successful in winning this point. Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, just like you are, it’s unlikely that either of you would budge from whatever position you take. The difficulties that you discover early on are the ones that will follow you for the rest of your life unless you can achieve a compromise, which is highly unlikely, or a ceasefire, which is more likely.

The distant and cold manner that analytical Aquarius exudes is likely what drew your interest and piqued your curiosity in the first place. This temptation, however, might not hold because your true character is the exact opposite of it. Leos are generous, friendly, and need to be shown affection regularly. Although an Aquarius will make you feel valued for your intelligence, with time, it is unlikely that they will offer you the reassurance you need that you are still attractive, seductive, or tempting. However, they will make you feel valued for what you know. Because of this, you might feel that your relationship is missing a few key elements. On the other hand, if you don’t think it’s that big of a concern, you might just put up with it quietly. Is that all you need to say, Leo?

Be conscious that the 11th house of friendship is ruled by Aquarius, while your sign rules the house of romance. Herein lies a huge difference: Your Aquarius wants a lover second and a friend first, while you seek a lover first and a friend second in your life. Priorities rarely change. You are led by your emotions, while Aquarius is guided by their rational thought processes. Their sign is ruled by the scientist, who approaches the task of proving or disproving a hypothesis with care and objectivity. Aquarius needs the freedom to explore the world, but you also need to make, fantasize, and have fun. Leos are known for their talents in design, art, directing, acting, and the entertainment industry. When you feel appreciated, you are at your most creative. Aquarius is at their best when they don’t feel burdened by anything and will dispute any claims against them. However, you need to control your lover and possess them. This will be met with opposition from Aquarius on every front, particularly if they get the impression that you are trying to cling to them.

Are you able to figure this out? If you care deeply about one another, then yes. Both of your astrological charts may contain significant planets other than the sun signs that help bridge the gap between you. Remember that the Sun sign is just one of the heavenly bodies represented in a chart.

Your Aquarius partner will captivate you on a sensual level with their electrifying lovemaking and proclivity for shaking things up in the bedroom. The bedroom is where the two of you will feel the most comfortable with one another since you will appreciate the other person’s carefree attitude. You will never know when they will confess their love to you because you will never know when it will happen, not in bed when other lovers would make their commitments, but rather while walking to the subway or eating BLTs at the luncheonette. This is when other lovers would make their commitments. Even Aquarius themselves cannot predict when the spirit will move them. Their eyes are like lasers, and the sensation you get when they shoot at you in a serious moment is something you will never forget. When an Aquarius exposes themselves, it is a unique, sincere, and memorable moment. They never behave as you anticipate, which can be frustrating at times, but it’s also one of the things you love most about them.


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