What Flowers To Place In The House

What Flowers To Place In The House

It is easier for someone to order a delivery of flowers, and for someone to find a flower shop near you and walk around the store looking through and choosing each flower with your own hands. If you can’t decide whether to choose a peonies bouquet or a bouquet of daisies, houseplants, or artificial flowers, we will help you make your choice. We hope that this article will help you understand what flowers to choose in your apartment to diversify the interior.

The Importance Of Flowers In The Interior

Firstly, many of them have healing properties and are part of the home first aid kit. For example, aloe is known for its healing properties. On the other hand, in the process of life, live plants emit phytoncides. These are volatile substances with antimicrobial properties. The coastal air is saturated with such substances.

Another positive quality of indoor plants is their beautiful appearance. The green color of the leaves improves mood and productivity and reduces fatigue and stress levels. Therefore, in order to normalize your emotional state, we recommend that you surround yourself with indoor plants, the appearance of which pleases you the most, as well as listen to advice from our doctors to reduce stress and anxiety.

About The Placement Of Flowers

Which flowers to choose will depend on where you want to place them.


When guests come to you, they enter the hall. Therefore, this is the first place by which the apartment is evaluated. It is worth taking the hall as a business card. Unfortunately, in modern apartments the hall is often dark, that is, there is a great lack of light in it. Therefore, for the hall, it is better to choose unpretentious plants. One of which is succulents. Bouquets of flowers or a couple of daisies or carnations do not hesitate to put them there, because they will live very little. Best of all, from unpretentious plants, various types of succulents are suitable.


The kitchen is often a very light place. Consequently, almost all conditions have been created in the kitchen for your flowers to live for a long time. Consequently, you have an excellent and large selection of plants. Of course, you can always put a small arrangement of flowers or a bouquet on the dining table.

Living room

You can safely put tall or large-leaved plants in this room, as the living room is often large. A beautiful solution would be flowers in wicker baskets, as well as a wall of climbing flowers. You can also diversify the interior using succulents or cacti that are unpretentious in care.


As mentioned above, flowers can be great helpers to our health. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. However, it is important to note that you should not put strong-smelling flowers in the room, because even with a pleasant smell, due to the high concentration of these odors, you may experience a headache, and in some cases even an allergy. Therefore, we advise you to put the bouquet of flowers presented to you in the living room. And in the bedroom, we advise you to give preference to succulents, scarlet, and Kalanchoe.

Children’s room

For a child’s room, a couple of flowers are enough. The main thing is that they are beautiful and unusual.

Choose only those plants or flowers that will not harm your child.


Since the bathroom is considered a place of high humidity throughout the apartment, then, accordingly, moisture-loving plants should be placed there. But it is important to note that the flowers in the bathroom (not artificial – a rarity).


The balcony you have does not have to be forced with boxes; it can easily be turned into a greenhouse or a winter garden. Naturally, there is a lot of light on the balcony, so light-loving plants are suitable there – asters, awl-shaped phloxes, stonecrops, heliopsis, and all perennials. Also on the Internet, you can see ideas on how to beautifully decorate a balcony with flowers.

You always want to give your home more comfort, warmth, and life. To revive the interior, many use indoor plants. Indeed, green “favorites” bring joy to the house, a favorable climate, positively affect the psychological state of a person, and relieve stress and a feeling of depression.


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