What Does The A Stand For On A Hockey Jersey? What You Should Know About hockey

What Does The A Stand For On A Hockey Jersey

Now that researchers have identified the original birthplace of hockey, people can now start discussing other things about the sport. 

Well, researchers have indicated that Canada isn’t hockey’s birthplace. Instead, they claim Vikings from Denmark brought the game to Canada. 

But all the same, hockey is an incredible sport, loved and played across Europe. And like every other sport, hockey has diverse terminologies that interested players and fans may have to learn to understand the sport better. 

For example, you may find the letter “A” or “C” on one or two players’ jerseys on the same team, but other players’ jerseys are plain. So what does the letters on hockey players’ jerseys signify?  

We’ll discuss the letters you see on players’ jerseys here. Keep reading. 

What does the A stand for on a hockey jersey?

The letter “A” printed on a hockey jersey means “alternate captain.” Every team has a captain, and alternative captains, who serve as leaders of the group. 

However, keep in mind that most teams appoint two alternative captains and a captain. But some may decide not to appoint a captain and appoint three alternate captains instead. 

The choice of alternate captain, and the number of alternate captains a team has, depends on the players and coaches themselves. In other words, hockey officials do not decide who the alternate captain in a team should be.

Keep reading to get more thrilling information about hockey. 

What Does The C Stand For On A Hockey Jersey?

When you find the letter “C” on a hockey player’s jersey, know that’s the captain. The captain is the leader of the team’s room, though can’t make decisions for the team without the coach’s approval. 

Furthermore, you must understand that a hockey team can only have one captain but two or three alternate captains.

We explained earlier that the letter “C” on a hockey player’s jersey indicates an alternate captain, while “A” stands for the team’s main captain.     

Why Are Goalies In Hockey Not Allowed To Be Captains Or Alternate Captains?

For example, in soccer, goalkeepers can be captains or vice-captains. The vice-captain takes over when the captain isn’t available or gets substituted in a match.

Unfortunately, hockey doesn’t allow goalies to become captains or alternate captains. But this wasn’t the case at the early stages of the sport. 

When hockey came into existence, goalies were allowed to become captains and alternate captains. 

The Montreal Canada’s player, Bill Durnan, captained his team from 1947 to 1948. And he was the last goalie to become captain. 

Why did the NHL create rules prohibiting goalies from becoming captains or alternate captains?

Well, the hockey governing body decided in the sport’s best interest. The NHL discovered that allowing goalies to become captains brought marmot disruptions to games.

Goalies made captains have to skate in to question the official’s ruling and relay information to the bench before returning to the crease. 

These can be draining on the player’s part and waste too much time. So the NHL had to come up with a rule banning teams from appointing goalies as captains or alternate captains. 

The Rules Of Captains (“C”) In Hockey 

When hockey referees make decisions, not every player in the affected team can question the official’s decision. 

So whose duty is it to challenge the referee politely and professionally? It’s the team’s captain.

The rule states that when referees award penalties against a team, the captain of that team can seek clarity. If you watch hockey games, you’ll find one particular player discussing with the referee now and then when decisions are taken against their team. 

The captain can also approach the hockey official for interpretation of rules. However, the captain must be polite when asking questions or making demands. 

Being aggressive towards the referee or other officials won’t change their decisions. Instead, the referee may issue a yellow or red card for misconduct. 

Furthermore, there can only be one captain in a team. And what’s more, the team, players, and coaches get to decide who their captain would be. 

Captains are players who must have good behavior. They are players the team has found worthy of becoming their leaders. 

So, as captains, players must understand that they’re role models. Captains are the room leaders but must also know their places. 

The Rules Of Alternate Captains (“A”) In Hockey 

A team can elect as many as two or three alternate captains. Teams may also decide against electing a captain and instead elect three alternate captains. 

So, what are the rules governing alternate captains in hockey?

As the name implies, alternate captains serve as backups for the main captain. In addition, an alternate captain takes over the captain’s responsibility when the captain is absent either via suspension, injuries or is on the bench. 

The alternate captain gets the same recognition as the main captain during games. In addition, they have the power to seek clarity on the referee’s decision against their team. 

What P Means In Hockey

When you see the letter “P” in hockey statistics, it means “Point.” Players receive a point for every goal scored or assist provided. 

So the point is the total or cumulative total of all the goals and assists a player registers during a game. 

Why Hockey Jerseys Are Expensive

Have you tried buying a hockey jersey, but changed your mind after seeing the high price tag? Well, you’re not alone in this! Like you, many hockey fans have been complaining about the cost of buying their team’s jersey. 

So how much does a hockey jersey cost? You can get a hockey jersey for around $15 to $300. And keep in mind that several factors determine the price of these jerseys. The factors include style, quality, and player. 

Now, note that authentic hockey jerseys are the most expensive. They cost somewhere around $200 to $300. 

Now, this takes us to the question. Why are hockey jerseys expensive? Below are the possible reasons. 

1. Custom finishes:

The production of quality hockey jerseys is costly and can be time-consuming. In addition, the names and logos on these jerseys are stitched in detail.

So the custom finishes make these jerseys expensive. Keep in mind that if the names and logos aren’t stitched in detail, they’ll wear off within a short period. 

2. Monopoly:

What do people expect when a major sport has only one company providing their jerseys? If a company is the only provider of a product or service, they can decide to set their prices to any figure they deem fit. So, now you understand why hockey jerseys are pricey.

3. High demand:

Authentic hockey jerseys are premium fan apparel. And there’s a huge demand for these jerseys. 

The law of demand and supply tells us that when demand is high, prices tend to increase. And that’s the case with hockey jerseys. 

High demand for high-end hockey jerseys encourages producers to inflate their prices. 

Ways You Can Save Money When Buying Hockey Jerseys

The following are simple tips to save money when buying authentic jerseys.

1. Buy during the sport’s off-season: 

Many stores sell authentic jerseys at lower prices during the off-season. So, keep your eyes on the cost of jerseys across different stores during the off-season, and pounce on your dream jersey whenever the opportunity presents itself.

2. Take advantage of Black Friday deals:

Several apparel shops run Black Friday sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving. So if you’re seeking to buy a jersey cheap, you can wait patiently for Black Friday deals.

3. Consider using cashback platforms:

You can save money when you purchase your jersey on cashback sites. These platforms give buyers a chance to save some percentage of their purchases. 


What does the A stand for in a hockey jersey? It stands for an alternate captain. A hockey team can have two or three alternate captains and only one captain. 

The alternate captain serves as a backup whenever the main captain isn’t available, probably because of an injury, suspension, or on the bench. 

On the captain’s jersey, you’ll find the letter “C.” Keep in mind that a team can have only one captain. That’s the rule of the game.


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