Benefits Of Having A Small Dog

Benefits Of Having A Small Dog

While the cat vs dog argument will probably go on until the apocalypse, there is another argument going on within the dog lover’s world that will likely also stand the test of time. 

Which is better; big dogs or small dogs? To be honest, we cannot side with either argument, because all dogs are wonderful. However, there are pros and cons to big and small dogs, just like each breed has its pros and cons. 

It is all about personal preference. 

Some people love big dogs like huskies or even mountain dogs, whereas some prefer chihuahuas or Pomeranians, or even smaller Teacup Pomeranians like these

Small Dogs Can Be Better Than Big Dogs

In some ways small dogs can be better, it depends on the type of person you are if a small dog is a good fit for you. Some people love them because they don’t have much space at home and a small dog is just enough. 

Some people love small dogs because they need less exercise and perhaps are easier to move around. 

So, what are the benefits of having a small dog? 

It’s Easier To Transport A Small Dog

Picking up a Pomeranian will always be easier than trying to piggyback a German Shepherd. It is just easier on the body, so small dogs are easy to get around, not to mention how some of them will easily fit in your shoulder bag. 

Their weight and size are ‘travel sized’ and they can fit in smaller spaces in your car when you are going on adventures. 

But the clincher, when it comes to flying, some airlines will allow small dogs in the cabin, which means you do not need to worry about your dog while you fly, because they’re right there! 

Small Dogs Don’t Take Up Much Space

In this regard, they also do not take up much room. Big dogs are awesome, but they are less awesome if you live in a small one-bed apartment. They can also be quite uncomfortable if they decide to lay across you in bed. 

A small dog on the other hand is very cuddly but won’t deprive you of air when you curl up in bed for the night, also they can fit into small living spaces, so they offer love for those who live in small apartments. 

Cleaning & Grooming Is Simpler

Smaller dog, smaller surface area to groom, it’s as simple as that really. You don’t spend as long cleaning, but it also means you won’t need to try and get them in the tub, you can just pop them in the sink for a bath. 

It’s just one hell of a lot more convenient.

More Establishments Allow Small Dogs

Speaking of convenience, planes are not the only places that are more friendly towards small dogs. We might think dogs should be allowed everywhere, but most other places do not. 

In some eateries dogs are not allowed if they are over a certain size, but small dogs can eat happily at many establishments. Going for a coffee with your friends and wanting to take Fido with you? Fido may get a bowl of water next to you. 

Some accommodations may also have limits on what size pet you can have, having a small dog means you can live in a good place, but still have your furry friend.

Long Lifespans

Sadly nothing and no one lives forever, but dogs have varying lifespans and small dogs actually live longer than big dogs (or usually they do). 

While both small and large dogs can have many health complications, and breed is something that plays a part in this, small dogs will usually live longer than their larger counterparts. 

So, this means you get more time with your furry best friend. 

Easy To Walk

Big dogs usually mean big exercise, a bigger dog will have more energy and will need a lot more exercise to get rid of it all and be ready for bed. 

A small dog on the other hand had less energy, and so some small dogs only need one short walk a day and a little play in the house to be ready for nap time. 

You still have a furry friend to get you out of the house and get you some exercise, but you do not lose a large fraction of the day doing so because they do not need as much time out exercising. It also means you do not even need a huge yard.


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