What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address?

What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address

An IP address is not simply a series of numbers separated by decimal points. Your personal IP address is of high importance so you should take precautionary measures to keep it secure. If you neglect the protection of your IP address, this can lead to unpleasant consequences. Let’s consider all the ways how someone can utilize your IP address.

Meaning of IP Addresses

Before we proceed with what to do if someone knows your IP and what other users can do with it, there is a need to sort out its definition. Your internet service provider establishes your Internet Protocol address every time you link up the internet. It enables all the devices that are linked to a computer network to transmit and obtain information from other network subjects.

We can compare the utilization of IPs with the online shopping process. If you want to get your package, you should indicate your home address. It shows where your order should be delivered. IP addresses operate the same way since they assist to find out where to transmit data and the results of your queries.

How Can Other Users Utilize Your IP

IPs may seem like simple numbers. However, these numbers can identify you when you’re online. IP addresses are necessary for transmitting and obtaining data, watching video streaming services, looking through Wikipedia articles, etc. That’s why aside from being useful, your IP is likewise a valuable piece of information.

If someone decides to get access to your IP, a lot of damage can be done to you. To avoid undesired problems, you should consider the protection of your IP via VPN servers. For example, utilization of the best VPN to Israel residents is possible with ease. With VPN for Israel, you can enjoy content without limits and get reliable online privacy.

Since different types of users want to get your IP, you should be aware of what they can do with it. This will assist you to realize the seriousness of your Internet Protocol address and that utilization of VPN apps is a must-have to avoid getting your IP into the wrong hands.

Provide You with Personalized Spam

Nowadays, advertisers come up with new ways to send users their advertisements. Recently, a lot of advertisers started to build-in tracking programs into online articles. With the assistance of these trackers, your IP can be recorded. As a result, targeted advertisements will be sent to you on the basis of your browsing.

For instance, you read articles about bonsai trees and ways of raising them a short time ago. After a while, you will obtain emails from local nurseries with a high probability.

Track Down Your Actual Location

Your Internet Protocol address can indicate what city you are locating right now. After hackers get this information, they can rummage on the internet and discover your actual address. After that cybercriminals can keep an eye on your social media and find out when you are going to be out of your home. With IP addresses, home invaders will know when homeowners are not in a town so they can break into the house and rob it. If you make use of services from the top virtual private network provider titled VeePN, you should not worry about your IP and home while you are at your studies or on vacation in another country.

Limit Access to Particular Services

Your geographical location is significant not only for potential hackers and robbers. A lot of online services can obtain this information from your Internet Protocol address and limit access to their services. For instance, YouTube TV provides users with the possibility to browse just local content from the city where they live. Another example is Netflix which is aware of what countries users are located in. As a result, you will get access to just a library of shows and movies from your country.

Also, there is a need to mention that some companies can charge various rates depending on where users live. You can make use of a free trial of a virtual private network provider to make sure that access to any online content will be granted to you without any geo-restrictions.

Restrict You from Play Online Games

If you are a lover of playing online games, you should take into account that game administrators can forbid you to take part in game matches, competitions, etc. For this, it is enough to add your Internet Protocol address to black list on the gaming website or platform. Fortunately, this is where VPN apps come to the rescue as well. With VeePN as the most reliable VPN provider, you can change your actual IP and get access to desired online games with ease.

Reveal Your Personal Information

Identity thieves continue to search for users’ personally identifiable information. PII or personally identifiable information is data that thieves can utilize to steal from you directly or data they can utilize to pretend to be you. The personally identifiable information can include such elements as your Social Security number, phone number, mailing address, your birthdate, etc. All sensitive data will be valuable for identity thieves.

Fortunately, IP addresses are not referred to as personally identifiable information. Also, thieves can not utilize users’ IP addresses to obtain personally identifiable information directly. Nevertheless, if cyber criminals know your Internet Protocol address, the possibility to track down your internet service provider will appear. After that hackers can utilize a phishing attack to attempt to convince your internet service provider to hand over all your personally identifiable information.

One of the most reliable methods to prevent identity theft is to make use of virtual private network services. After the free trial, you can make sure you will never appear in a trap of hackers and identity thieves.


IP addresses have always been something more than a series of numbers. Your internet protocol address stands for a numerical label that identifies your device and its general geo location.

There are many wishing to get access to your IP for a lot of reasons. From dangerous cybercriminals who can steal your personal information to annoying advertisers who want to send you unnecessary ads, there are many other ways your IP address can be used.

Until it is not too late so you do not start to find a response to the question “what to do if someone knows your IP”, there is a need to take care of your internet protocol address security in advance. The best solution to protect your IP and enjoy unlimited online content is to take advantage of VPN services.


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