Instacruze: How To Create Good Instagram Videos For Your Business?

How To Create Good Instagram Videos For Your Business

Good marketing is not about the things you do but the stories you tell. Marketing has become more straightforward with the speeding evolution of the internet and social media platforms. Especially Instagram! It has become one of the best tools that marketers prefer. Why? Because Instagram is a visual platform. It is said that 81 percent of people skim the content they see online. Such visuals like attractive photos and engaging videos will have more impressions on people than any other form. People get attracted more to visuals because they generate emotions, and emotions create significant connections.

So as a marketer, you must adapt to the visual marketing strategy to remain in the industry. Mainly focus on gaining views and likes on your Instagram stories and posts. Obtaining likes and views on your stories can be done in two ways. Either work for it organically or you can also buy automatic Instagram story views to see instant results on your page.

This article will teach you how to leverage the Instagram videos feature to grow your business and gain more customers.

What Is Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content marketing is a process of involving visual content in your marketing strategy. The visuals can include

  • Images
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Memes
  • Charts
  • Infographics, etc.

In today’s world, it has become mandatory for every marketer to practice visual content marketing. Researchers say businesses get more customers after seeing a video or photo rather than simple text forms.

Why Should A Business Utilize It?

Visual marketing has many benefits for businesses. The following are some main reasons why companies should leverage visual content marketing.

  • It strengthens your brand reputation.
  • It enhances your brand identity.
  • It helps you connect with your customers.
  • It visualizes your products better.
  • It encourages traffic to your brand website etc.

Apart from those mentioned above, it helps your audience remember you. Furthermore, consider using Instacruze to enhance your customer loyalty.

Instagram Videos And Their Types

Videos play a significant role in visual content marketing, particularly on Instagram. Instagram videos are the most used feature by businesses and the general public as they catch users’ attention much more quickly than other features. Videos on Instagram are currently available in four different forms. It includes

  • Instagram reels
  • Instagram videos
  • Instagram live
  • Instagram stories

In 2022, statistics state that around 66 percent of users on Instagram found short-form videos to be the most engaging content. The percentage rise from the previous year has made marketers include Instagram videos in their marketing strategy.

Effective Video Content Ideas For Businesses

Utilize Gadgets

Users on Instagram prefer content to be valuable and worth watching. To attain that worth-watching standard, you can utilize specific external gadgets. Such as

Quality Camera and Lenses

To improve your video experience, you must use a better-quality camera. You can either buy good quality cameras available in the market or use your smartphones. Also, most users on Instagram prefer smartphones to make their video content.


It is a three-legged stand that holds a camera. Other than that, tripods can be used for various other purposes too. They can also hold camcorders, act as light stands, and many more. Also, a video creator should never produce blur videos. It would be best if you stabilize it. Hence you can utilize a tripod to film your videos more steadily.

Ring Light

A ring light is a tool that provides circular balanced lighting on all sides. Its usage has recently increased because of the lighting effect it brings to a video.

You can secure your mobile phone or camera in the center of the ring light. Then, start recording. A good quality video can attract more users to your page. Retaining customers is as important as gaining them; for that purpose, you can opt for Instacruze.

Carry Out the Right Stuff

Instagram trends change overnight. Hence a business needs to keep track of the latest stuff. Making content that is not new or relevant can affect your brand’s reputation. Affected reputation will automatically reflect in your customer and follower count. So it is essential to create quality content that people love watching and engaging with.

Leverage Instagram Features

Instagram provides users with N number of unique and advanced features. To make your video content more engaging and exciting.

Add Captions: Through captions, you can make your video more informative. For example, make offer announcements, new product launches, your services, etc., which you can explain in captions. But it doesn’t need to be always lengthy; it can be short and sweet too.

Add Music: Adding trending songs to your video increases your video findability. Also, it doesn’t bore your viewers.

Add Links: Links to your website or links for which you want your customers to land can be added to your videos.

Keep Your Videos Short

Always make sure your Instagram videos are short and informative. Instagram video length for each feature varies

  • Instagram Stories can be only between 15 to 60 seconds
  • Instagram Reels can be up to 90 seconds long.
  • An Instagram feed can be up to 60 seconds long.
  • Instagram live length can be 4 hours maximum.

Hence keep the time limit in mind while creating and posting videos on Instagram. Short videos tend to attract more attention than longer ones.

Choose Correct Dimensions

When you post a video on Instagram, always make sure that the video is in the correct dimensions. Using an inappropriate size ratio will make the video look stretched or cropped.

A lot of effort goes into making a single video, so you must upload them correctly. It also leaves a wrong impression of your brand due to your effortless posts. Hence for the viewers to have a pleasant experience, meet all the criteria in providing a good Instagram video.

Final Note

Instagram marketing using videos has become very optimal for businesses considering their popularity. Which so much competition out there, a business needs to be consistent in their contents. Moreover, the content should be of the best quality too. Entertain and inspire your followers. Engage with them more often. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the whole process.

Now you have information about how to create a good Instagram video for your business, go ahead and share your videos with your followers.


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