What Are The Different Colors Of American Spirits? The Natural Brand

What Are The Different Colors Of American Spirits

The Natural American Spirit is commonly referred to as the American Spirit. It’s a famous cigarette brand in the United States. 

It also sells other tobacco products and offers “Roll Your Own” tobacco packaged in pouches and tins. 

Reynolds American is the owner of Natural American Spirits. The various products are manufactured and packaged by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. The American spirits packaging is unique. 

In the UK, all the packs of all tobacco products are olive. The American spirits packages range in colors. 

The colors are a code to denote the amount of nicotine and tar in a particular cigarette. In the article, we’ll be highlighting the colors and describing their uniqueness. Let’s get to the frequently asked question. 

What Are The Different Colors Of American Spirits?

The distinctive and unique packaging has made American Spirits so popular. The cigarettes are packaged in 30g and usually come in yellow, orange, and blue. These are the primary colors. Other additional colors are gold, green, black, brown, grey, and orange. 

During marketing, the American Spirits describe their products as natural. It means their cigarettes and other tobacco products have been manufactured from organic tobacco. 

This marketing strategy in togetherness with unique packaging has made the brand so popular among Americans. They perceive it to be less harmful compared to other brands. 

The Colors Of The Natural American Spirit

Today most cigarette companies are devising better euphemisms. Most are taking up the use of colors for their brands. They believe this will help smokers to select low-tar cigarettes. 

With time the smokers will only have the choice of ordering cigarettes by color. They will be using words such as yellow or orange. 

The colors will distinguish the different content ranges in each cigarette pack. The American Spirits adopted the use of colors years ago. 

Today the company’s cigarettes and tobacco products are packed in more than five distinctive colors. Here are some of the popularly used colors. 

1. Blue 

The blue pack cigarettes are described as having a full-bodied taste. The packaging was introduced in 1985. 

During those days, the company was not fully mechanized. Tobacco was stuffed into pouches using hands, and the company received orders primarily through the phone. 

Introducing the blue color had a positive impact on the business. It was one of the first steps towards success. The blue packaged cigarettes contain the original blend of American Spirit. 

It has set the standard for all other cigarettes produced by the brand. It is made from the whole leaf, which is premium tobacco. 

The cigarette is celebrated for being 100% additive-free. Meaning it’s made from natural tobacco. 

2. Yellow 

The yellow pack cigarettes do have a mellow taste. It was introduced in 1998. It quickly garnered popularity to become one of the brand’s flagship styles. The yellow pack is 100% additive-free. 

The yellow pack contains up to 25% more tobacco. You’ll enjoy your mellow taste smoke longer and more. 

All the American Spirit cigarettes have 25% more tobacco. This makes them bigger than king-size cigarettes from other brands. 

3. Orange

The orange pack cigarettes do have a smooth, mellow taste. It was introduced to the market in 1999. 

The pack contains 100% natural cigarettes. Like the other packs, the orange one is packed with up to 25% more tobacco. You’ll enjoy your smoke.

Additional Colors

1. Turquoise

The turquoise pack cigarettes have a full-bodied taste. The cigarettes are made from organic tobacco, which is grown in the United States. The turquoise pack is 100% additive-free. 

After the brand’s success with natural tobacco, it decided to try organic tobacco. The company buys tobacco from various farmers in the United States. 

The organic tobacco used is grown according to the criteria set by the USDA’s. This is a program that urges farmers to use the earth’s resources responsibly. 

The company nurtures a good relationship with farmers and helps them protect and improve the environment.

2. Gold

The gold pack cigarettes have a mellow taste. It’s manufactured from organic tobacco that’s grown in the United States. The pack boasts being 100% additives-free. 

3. Dark Green 

The dark green pack cigarettes have a full-bodied menthol taste. The menthol taste is derived from the mint plant that meets the organic process. 

The company did lots of research in identifying the perfect mint plant for the organic process. 

The mint taste in the cigarettes comes from the fresh mint crystals. The crystals have been placed in the filters. 

Traditionally, the company directly sprayed the tobacco with liquid menthol. The use of crystals ensures the menthol lasts long in the cigarettes. 

The dark green pack cigarettes are 100% additives-free and are made from organic tobacco. 

4. Green 

The green pack cigarettes have a mellow menthol taste. The menthol taste is from the mint plant. In cigarettes, the flavor comes from fresh mint crystals. The green pack cigarettes come from organic tobacco and are 100% additives-free. 

5. Black

The black pack cigarettes have a rich, robust taste. It’s made from Perique tobacco and is 100% additives-free. 

The tobacco is known to have a robust flavor and is only grown in St. James Parish, Louisiana. Perique tobacco has a rich history. 

The other thing that makes tobacco so distinctive is the traditional farming methods used. The first cultivators of tobacco were Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians. 

That’s around 400 years ago. The great thing is the tradition has been carried through generations. 

The processing is also quite complicated and requires excellent skills. It involves one year of ageing in barrels made from oak. 

The practice has been done over years but relies on one timeless tool, which is the hand. Skilled workers are needed in almost all steps of manufacturing the black pack cigarettes. 

The workers do the harvesting to de-stemming of dried tobacco leaves. The company has ensured the production of distinctive rich cigarettes with a robust taste. This has been actualized through craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

6. Brown

The brown pack cigarettes are non-filters. It’s made for those who do not love any distractions between them and tobacco. 

The brown pack is the only one with no filters in the American Spirits family. The cigarettes are 100% additives-free. 

7. Celadon 

The celadon pack has a balanced taste. The cigarettes are 100% additive-free. Like other packs, the celadon pack cigarettes are packed with 25% more tobacco. You’ll enjoy the balanced smoke for longer hours. 

8. Dark Blue

The dark blue pack has a full-bodied taste. Like other packs, it’s 100% additive-free and is packed with 25% tobacco. 

It’s made from natural tobacco, which is solely sourced from United States farms. This is so to support the local tobacco farmers in the United States. 

9. Gray

The grey pack has a rich taste. Like the black pack, it’s made from Perique tobacco. The process of manufacturing is the same as that of the black pack. The cigarettes boast of being 100% additives-free. 

10. Tan

The tan pack has a mellow taste. It’s made from natural tobacco that’s solely sourced from United States farmers. The cigarettes are 100% additives-free. 

Other Product

1. Roll-Your-Own

It’s a product of the Natural American Spirits that allows you to roll your tobacco. The great thing about rolling your tobacco is you chose your size. 

The packaging might be a pouch or a tin. The great thing about the product is its 100% additives-free. Mostly the packaging does come with rolling papers inside. 

2. 100% Organic Blend

This pack uses the organic tobacco that has been grown according to the criteria of USDA’s program for farmers. 

The program calls for the proper use of the earth’s resources. You can get the product in 40 grams pouches. 

3. Perique

It’s manufactured from the Perique tobacco that’s only grown in St. James Parish, Louisiana. The manufacture of this product is quite a process. 

It involves the ageing of the tobacco in oak barrels. The tobacco is processed the same way as the black and grey pack cigarettes. You can get the product in 40grams pouches.  

4. Original Blend

This product is loved by many Americans and is the company’s number one. It’s made from 100% additive-free tobacco. 

Its production started in 1982 at Santa Fe Railyard. Then packaging was done under a shade. The product is available in both 40 grams pouches and 150 grams tin. 

5. 100% US Grown Blend

The product is 100% additives-free. It is made from tobacco that’s solely sourced from the United States farms. The company does support the United States tobacco farmers. 

It’s made from natural tobacco. The packaging is available in both 150 grams containers and 40 grams pouches. 


The Natural American Spirit is a significant brand in the United States. The company is known to produce and sell cigarettes and products that are additive-free, natural and organic.

This has made it so popular amongst teens and adults. They believe it’s less harmful. 

The company has come up with a way of labeling its products through colors. They realized that writings alone do not capture attention. 

Today the various cigarettes can be identified using colors. The different colors represent different tastes, smells, and strengths. It’s on you to select your most favorite flavor and color.


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