How To Use Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon- Redeeming Process

How To Use Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon

Like in-person shopping, you can apply for your Mastercard gift card while shopping online. If you have points on your debit card, you can use them to complete transactions.

Like many debit card companies, Mastercard is always running promotions. The promotions are in issuing gift cards or providing loyalty points for their users. 

Many platforms allow you to redeem your Mastercard gift card points, and Amazon is one of them.

Redeeming your card on Amazon is not as straightforward as doing it online. Let us find out how you can do it:

How To Use Mastercard Gift Card On Amazon

Applying your Amazon discount is easier than it looks. The steps are fairly straightforward, and you should do it in a few minutes.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon Account

Go to the Amazon website or log in to your account through the application on your phone. Provide the relevant credentials and log in.

Step 2: Open the balance and reload the page.

It is the page that allows you to enter the discount amount. Once the page opens, you should enter the amount on the Mastercard gift card.

Step 3: Add the Mastercard gift card information

You will need to fill in some details on the card information page. The details authenticate the card. Add the card number. Enter the card’s name as ‘Mastercard.’ Add the correct expiry date on the gift card.

Step 4: Payment method

There are many payment methods on Amazon. For our case, we shall use the gift card option.

Select a gift card and done.

Step 5: Balance verification

The last step when applying for the gift card is to confirm the balance on the card. Every card has a fixed amount. You should keep track of the spending because you need to verify the balance.

Why Prepay Gift Cards Are The Best

Mastercard gift cards are all prepaid. The discounts get remitted to Amazon, so you do not need to front cash in advance.

There are many reasons why prepay is great.

Did you know that prepay gift cards do not have an expiry date? You can use these cards for a long time because they do not have time limits. It comes in handy, especially when you do not have urgent purchases.

Having a prepaid gift card allows you to capitalize on discounts when they are available. You also get the chance to plan your purchases carefully.

Prepaid gift cards like Mastercard allow you to combine the balance from different cards. You can use the credit on other gift cards for one purchase.

You will not have to buy limitations because you can combine different gift cards. You also do not have to run the balance down on one card. It gives you flexibility, and you can plan your purchases.

Amazon has made it pretty easy for users to keep track of the balance on the gift cards. You can do it directly through the Amazon app on your phone or through the website.

Click the ‘View Discount Balance’ option to see how much money you have left. You, therefore, do not need to manually deduct the balance every time you use your card while shopping.

Why Some Mastercard Gift Cards Don’t Work

If you have trouble using your gift card, it could be for several reasons. You will rarely ever have a problem with gift cards, but there are some reasons why some don’t work.

You need to extend the usability of some gift cards. The gift cards from Mastercard do not expire. You, however, need to open the use duration, especially if the card is idle for long.

Luckily, Amazon has a straightforward means of reactivating idle gift cards. You need to visit the Amazon website and follow the simple prompts to extend your card use.

All gift cards get protected by a 14-digit code. It is the code you provide while applying for the card while shopping or checking your balance. You need to give the correct gift card code when using it.

You can find the code on the back of the Mastercard gift card. Note that you should not share the code with anyone.

Your card will not work if someone has already redeemed it. You cannot use the card after the balance gets depleted.

Amazon makes it easy to keep track of the balance on your cards. You may do it either from your phone’s Amazon app or via the website. Select the ‘ View Discount Balance ‘ option to view how much money you have left.

You should always provide the correct reference number when using your Mastercard discount card for shopping. Note that the reference number is different from the gift card code.

You use the reference number to apply discounts during checkout. The reference number is the 16-digit code at the back of the card. You must never share the reference number unless it is a shared card. People might use the card if you share the reference or gift card code.

Some gift cards need the issuer to be active. These are cards organizations issue their employees for authorized purchases. The organization, therefore, needs to approve them before use.

It prevents people from buying unauthorized items. It also helps businesses keep records of items purchased for their expense accounts. You need to ask the issuer to allow you to use the card before you use it.

How Can You Save Money Shopping On Amazon?

There are various ways to save money while buying items on Amazon. Unlike physical stores, Amazon offers many options for its customers to save money.

Here are some tips:

Amazon issues daily deals on different products.

These deals can be on furniture, select electronics, or clothes. You should look out for such promotions.

The deals happen daily for a short time. Keep checking the app or website for flash sales, and you could save a lot of money. You can set reminders or turn on Amazon notifications on your device.

Amazon periodically issues coupons for products. You are more likely to get a coupon for your items if you are a regular shopper. Some goods like groceries also commonly have discount coupons.

Always check whether the item you are buying has the option to use an Amazon coupon. It could help you save money, especially on small recurring purchases. Remember to use the platform frequently to get more coupons.

Did you know that Amazon has an inconspicuous bargain page on Amazon? You can find all the best deals and items with the biggest discount on the page.

Items fly off the shelf like hot cakes on the bargain page because of the great offers. You might see an item on the page, and it will be gone once you click refresh. Ensure you capitalize on the amazing discounts.

Shopping online is great because it is convenient. Some items are more urgent than others. You should only pay for priority shipping if you have to.

Using a slower shipping option saves you money. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly by using slower shipping.

You should also take advantage of free shipping with some items. Items with free shipping are always cheaper. Some sellers bait buyers by selling at higher prices with free shipping. Always compare the prices of items with free shipping.

The shipping cost of some items could go as high as 30% of the buying price. You could escape the hefty charges by buying similar items with free shipping.

Amazon allows users to sell refurbished items. These are mostly electronics and other lightly used but resalable items. Their prices are lower than the cost of buying new goods.

Amazon has to inspect such items to get decent quality products. The refurbished section could save you up to 50% on your purchases. Note that some refurbished goods could be out of warranty.

Some items have the buy one get one discount. Some include accessories for a marginally higher but discounted price. It could help you save money, especially when you buy electronics. An example of such a deal is a disposable camera with an SD card.

You can always use the Amazon trade-in to get new products. Trading in goods means that you can exchange items. It allows you to get rid of goods you no longer need. 


Redeeming a Mastercard gift card on Amazon can be tricky. If you had any trouble doing so, we hope our guide on how to use Mastercard gift on Amazon was of help to you.

Mastercard, like many other debit card firms, is always launching deals. The promotions take the shape of gift cards or the provision of loyalty points to its users. Amazon is one of the many sites where you can redeem your Mastercard gift card points.

Redeeming your gift card on Amazon is not as simple as doing it online. There are different steps for applying for your gift cards, coupons, or discounts.


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