Papa John’s Pizza Sizes: Exploring The Pizza World

Papa John’s Pizza Sizes

Papa John’s is a popular pizza restaurant in the United States.  According to United States rankings, Papa John’s is the 4th largest chain delivering pizza. 

It’s headquartered in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.  The brand has more than 5,199 branches. About 4,456 restaurants are franchises and operate in fifty states of America and forty-four countries.

Papa John’s is famous for its delicious pizza and convenience. Pizza is easy and tastes good, and that’s why many love it. 

In business, pricing is the essential factor. Papa John’s faces competition from other local pizza shops in the US. 

It has tried to bridge the gap between the low-priced pizzas and high-priced pizzas from Mom and pop pizza shops. 

The pizza’s price is directly correlated with the pizza’s size. The Papa John’s brand has several pizza sizes options. Let’s take a look at the popular. 

Papa John’s Pizza Sizes

The pizza dimensions do vary. Its sizes are 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches. The small is 10 inches, can be divided into six slices, and costs around $10. 

The medium is 12 inches, can be cut into eight slices, and costs around $12. The large is 14 inches, usually cut into eight pieces, and costs $ 14. While the extra-large is 16 inches, cut into ten slices, and costs around $16.

History Of Papa John’s Pizza

Truly every business starts from somewhere. The brand does have an exciting and encouraging story. 

Papa John’s pizza, now a famous brand, was established in 1984. The ambitious John Schnatter began his works from a closet located at the back of his father’s tavern.

To raise money for purchasing the pizza-making equipment, John sold his 1971 Camaro ZS8. That was in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

He made pizza and sold it from his father’s tavern.  He later purchased his place next to his father’s tavern and a new store. 

John Schnatter invented the dipping sauce specifically for his pizzas. The dipping sauce became a trademark for the brand since then. 

The company went public in 1993, and by 1994, the company had over 500 stores across the United States. 

Papa John’s pizza continued expanding and is now ranked as the fourth top-rated pizza chain in the US.

Best Pizzas In Its Menu

Knowing the proper pizza to get from Papa John’s Pizza will save you lots of trouble. Papa John’s Pizza boasts of having better pizza and unique ingredients. 

Papa John’s has received criticisms for making pizza with much fat compared to the McDonald Big Mac. 

However, the restaurant has a multitude of menus, and picking the exact right one might be troublesome. It’ll be so hard sifting the best from the worst. 

Complaints and criticisms are usual to all businesses. It’s the criticisms that make companies grow. 

This is where we come in. Papa John’s pizza has some very delicious and healthy options. We have done an extensive look into Papa John’s menu to find the best pizzas for you. 

Here are some of the best pizzas at Papa John’s. Get a taste of all the listed to identify your best flavor. Please, always consult our guide before ordering your night’s pizza. 

1. Cheese Pizza

This is one of the best pizzas on the menu. In addition to its great taste, the pizza is well packed nutritionally. 

It contains 8g proteins, 210g calories, 520mg sodium, 7g fat: 3.5g saturated fat, and 27g carbs: 3g sugar, 1g fiber. The nutritional content is per the medium slice with the original crust. 

The cheese pizza is best when kept classic. The best option flavor additives for the golden-brown crust are fresh pizza sauce and mozzarella. 

The great thing about the cheese pizza is that one slice only contains 8 grams of proteins and 210 calories. This is not hazardous, so that you can opt for a second piece.  

2. Garden Fresh Pizza

Firstly, the name already suggests how great the pizza is. The garden-fresh pizza is also another nutritional option. 

It contains 7g proteins, 180 calories, 480mg sodium, 7g fat: 3g saturated fat, and 27g carbs: 4g sugar, 1g fiber. The nutritional content is per the medium slice with the original crust. 

The garden-fresh pizza is the best of all on Papa John’s menu. However, we humans have different preferences, and I’m pretty confident you’ll love it. Please make your order now from Papa John’s website and try it.  

Here is the reason why I vouch for the garden-fresh pizza. It’s loaded with onions, crisp green peppers, ripe black olives, and crimini mushrooms. 

This gives it unique and exquisite flavors. Plus, the pizza isn’t packed with lots of calories, making it a great option. It contains 180g calories per piece, thanks to the minor cheese portion in it.  

3. Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Today we’ve brought you the healthiest delicacies from Papa John’s. The chicken & veggie pizza contains 7g proteins, 180 calories, 430mg sodium, 5g fat: 2g saturated fat, and 27g carbs: 4g sugar, 1g fiber. 

The nutritional information is per the medium slice with the original crust. Papa John’s is indeed committed to offering healthy pizzas by trimming the calories. 

The pizza has got a minor portion of cheese, and this explains the 180 calories. It has grilled chicken that gives it the taste. 

The pizza has an additional fresh garden of veggies such as green peppers, Roma tomatoes, onions, black olives, and crimini mushrooms. 

On the downside, the pizza lacks actual fiber. If you love the pizza, always remember to source for fiber somewhere else. 

Lack of fiber does not cut it out. It has lots of vitamins from the veggies plus lean protein from the chicken breast. 

4. Tropical Luau Pizza

This is probably one of Papa John’s healthiest pizzas. The pizza contains 7g proteins, 180g calories, 470mg sodium, 4.5g fat: 2g saturated fat, and 27g carbs: 4g sugar, 1g fiber. 

The nutritional information is per the medium slice with the original crust.

The tropical Luau Pizza has Hawaiian origins. The pizza has many great ingredients, such as green pepper, juicy pineapple chunks, Canadian bacon, and a lighter mozzarella. 

Other Alternatives

Papa John’s Pizza is the fourth top-rated pizza brand across the United States. There are several other pizza restaurants, both large and small. However, the size of the restaurant doesn’t matter. 

The most important factors are the pizza quality and the convenience offered by the restaurant. Convenience means easy ordering and faster delivery. Here are some of the best alternatives to the famous brand.

1. Domino’s Pizza

It’s another household name in the restaurant business in America and internationally. The brand has more than 10,000 restaurants on different continents of the world. It’s rated as the second-largest pizza or restaurant brand in the United States. 

The owner of Domino’s Pizza is Bain Capital Inc. The original owner was Tom Monaghan, who sold most of his stock to Bain Capital in 1998.

Domino’s pizza is primarily known for its pizza but has an expanded menu. In addition to pizza, it does sell chicken wings, sandwiches, pasta bread, and salads. Below are some of Domino’s pizza sizes and the prices. 

However, we will only highlight the sizes and prices of the cheese pizza. Visit the Dominos website for more information about the other types of pizza. They include specialty pizza, feast pizzas, chicken pizza, and many more.

The cheese pizza does vary in size and price. Here are the sizes and prices of the hand-tossed pizza at Domino’s Pizza. The small is 10 inches and costs $5.99. 

Medium is 12 inch and costs $ 7.99. Large is 14 inches and costs $9.99.

2. Grub Hub 

The Grub Hub is not a chain or restaurant. It’s an American online and mobile platform that connects dinners to a restaurant. 

It’s an excellent place to buy your pizza. You can order the pizza from various restaurants in your state. Plus, you’ll be able to find the best prices through comparisons. 

The Grub Hub was founded in 2004. The owner of the platform is Just Eat Takeaway. It has a great slogan, “grubs what you want.” Meaning you can also order other foods that are not pizza. 

Today the company has over 19.9 active million users. It’s associated with more than 115,000 restaurants. 

We could not list the prices of the different pizzas because GrubHub trades for several restaurants. Check out the Grub Hub website for their best offer. 


Papa John’s Pizza has a great history in Pizza making. It’s one of the best pizza-making restaurants in the United States and internationally. 

The company has several standard pizza sizes that also vary in price. It has several restaurants distributed across the United States. In addition, an online presence makes it so convenient. 

The restaurant has a broad menu and offers an array of food. It’s not only a pizza restaurant. Its pizza is tasty and of excellent quality and has been reasonably priced. 

However, there are several other great options to Papa John’s, such as the Dominos. You can try them for a different feel. You know each restaurant does have its secret recipe. 


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