Tips To Improve Your Drift Car Performance

Tips To Improve Your Drift Car Performance

With the advances in technology over the past few years, there are many ways to improve your drift car’s performance. 

One of the vital things to consider for improving your car’s performance is the RC drift tires. Here are some vital tips for improving your vehicle’s performance. 

Go With Lithium Polymer

If you are interested in boosting your drift car’s performance and decreasing weight, consider switching to lithium polymer batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are lighter than the traditional lead-acid battery by as much as 25 percent, which can help reduce your car’s overall center of gravity. 

Lithium polymer batteries can also be charged more often without losing their charge capacity or experiencing a drop in performance like standard batteries do when they are recharged repeatedly within a short period. Finally, lithium polymer batteries can be charged much faster: in just 15 minutes compared to several hours for lead-acid batteries!

Go Brushless

Brushless motors are more efficient, smaller, reliable, and more powerful than brushed motor setups. A brushless motor has no brushes to wear out or gum up with carbon build-up over time; instead, it uses an electronic controller to send power from the battery pack to the motor—which ultimately leads to less maintenance and better performance as a result.

If your vehicle still uses a brushed system, it may be time to consider upgrading.

Look Out For Drift Tires

RC drift tires, also known as pan car tires, are crucial for racing RC cars and trucks. They are designed to provide stability while they’re turning and cornering. You’ll want to ensure your model is equipped with the right ones before you hit the track – or it might fail to make it!

RC drift tires are essential for anyone who wants to drift. These are available in many different sizes and styles, so it’s important to know what kind of tire you need before you buy one. Drift tires come in various colors and materials, so folks may choose what they like the best.

Please buy these products from a reputed online dealer that sells quality tires like Hatchet X Belted mounted black, Rock Beast XOR 2.2 Crawler, 1/10 Reaction HP Ultra Blue Rear, dBoots Hoons remounted belted, Mud Slinger 1.0 Scale tires, and many more. 

If you’re into RC drifting, then you know these are the only tires that will make the wheels grip the road and slide around corners easily. The robust midribs with vulcanized soft rubber of these tires makes it possible to get those hard drifts, which is excellent for driving performance!

Adjusting The Battery Compartment 

  • Adjust your battery compartment to allow for a more significant center of gravity (CG) adjustment.
  • If you’re using a brushless motor, adjust the CG as needed.
  • If you have a lithium polymer battery, change the CG accordingly.

Weight Distribution Is The Key

Weight distribution is one of the essential factors in car handling, and it can be adjusted by moving either your battery or motor to a different location. This is possible because all modern drift cars are designed with this option in mind.


With all of these tips, you should have no trouble improving the performance of your drift car. Try to be consistent when applying them, and remember that practice makes perfect!


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