FollowFormation: 6 Practicable Tips To Use Instagram For Fundraising

Practicable Tips To Use Instagram For Fundraising

Do you know that? You can create and run a fundraiser campaign successfully on Instagram. Suppose you are aware of it already, then well and good. But if you are new to this concept, don’t panic. We are here to lead the way. This guide will help you understand what fundraising is and how to enhance a fundraising campaign on Instagram. 

Instagram has been a stellar platform for creating awareness. Why? Because of its popularity among different age groups. People from every part of the world are on it for various causes. Its marvelous feature, like Reels, gained more popularity as soon as it was launched. Since it helps people attain their objectives easily, they even buy instagram reels likes. But you may wonder how a social media app like Instagram can help with fundraising. It does, that too, in so many ways! So why wait? Let us get straight into it.

What Is Fundraising?

Fundraising is started with the intent of raising money for a particular purpose or cause. Its primary goal is to raise funds for charities, non-profit organizations, or even personal reasons. A fundraiser is a person engaged, or an event held to raise money for the purpose of fundraising. 

Different Forms of Fundraising

There is N number of fundraising types out there. Some of the most popular ones are the following. 

  • Crowdfunding.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Events like marathons. Concerts, custom t-shirts.
  • Door-to-door, mail, phone.
  • Online donations through social media platforms, etc.

Why Use Instagram For Fundraising?

Regardless of the cause, finding and retaining a donor is a very challenging step. So why not try an application where you can find people for your fundraising campaign effortlessly? Yes, we are talking about the most popular platform out in the market, “Instagram.” It was initially started for entertainment purposes only. But now, it is far more than what we think. It has become an excellent forum for everyone. That includes charities, non-profit organizations, individual fundraisers, and many more people. 

As a fundraiser, the benefits you get from Instagram are abundant. For example, finding suitable donors, running a crowdfunding campaign, interacting directly with donors, etc. Also, Instagram provides multiple ways to spread the word about your campaigns. Since it has so many benefits, it is time to start your campaign and make a success out of it. Here are some tips you can follow to enhance your fundraising campaigns on Instagram.

6 Tips To Use For Your Instagram Fundraising Campaigns

Instagram has created an excellent way for fundraisers to collect donations. With its prominent features and options, fundraising is no longer difficult. In the below article, we have listed some tips starting from basic to advanced. Make use of these tips to run a smooth fundraising campaign on Instagram.

1. Upgrade Your Instagram Profile

Are you still running fundraising campaigns with your private account? If your answer is yes, it is time to upgrade your account. You have two options. One is you can change your private profile into a business account. Another one is to create a new business account! Whichever option you choose, ensure to use that business account only for running your campaigns. Then complete setting up your profile

  • By adding a relevant username.
  • A link with a good landing page.
  • Effective Instagram bio.
  • Relevant contact details.
  • Apt profile picture.

Since an Instagram profile is a primary factor that decides your first impression, upgrade it accordingly. This step will also help you increase your number of followers. Furthermore, you can also opt for FollowFormation to enhance your follower base instantly.

2. Preplan Your Strategies

Having a strategy is always essential. Why? Beca use every organization will have a different approach to running its campaigns. So instead of directly approaching for donations, have a preplanned strategy. 

For example, start with how you will communicate with your followers or what features of Instagram you will use the most to engage with donors. Does your marketing strategy involve media files? How will you reach out to people? Etc. Ask yourself all these types of questions to map a successful strategy. Then, since successful fundraising needs a working plan, create one before starting your campaigns on Instagram!

3. Leverage Instagram Stories

Since Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, it is excellent for announcing up-to-date information. Usually, this feature will be most helpful during the launch of your fundraising or at the end of your campaigns. 

In fact, you can use Instagram Stories to engage with your followers effectively. With stickers like polls, quizzes, emoji sliders, etc., connecting with them is straightforward. In addition, to make it easier for fundraisers, Instagram has rolled out new donation stickers. Just add a media file along with this sticker. Interested donors can easily donate through this sticker. Isn’t it an exciting update? 

4. Increase Trust by Sharing Your Progress 

Share the progress throughout your fundraising journey. You can do this either with infeed posts, Instagram stories, or Reels. Why is it important to share your progress? Because you can increase your donor’s trust through this method. Presenting all the steps you take in your campaigns will also encourage more people to get involved. Eventually, it will aid you in running your campaign more smoothly. 

5. Work With Influencers

Influencers hold great power on Instagram. You can collaborate with them. For what? To increase the exposure of your campaigns even to your non-followers. Also, you can choose to use FollowFormation to enhance your campaign’s reach to global donors. It doesn’t mean you always have to collaborate with top celebrities or influencers. Start working with micro-influencers and gradually reach out to influencers with a higher follower base.

6. Retarget Using Paid Ads

Retaining donors is equally challenging as finding one. But what if we say you can retain your donors effortlessly using Instagram? Yes, paid ads are the best among the various features that Instagram provides. Because you can display ads to a specific group of users on Instagram, you can retarget your donors or even find new ones using this feature. 

The retargeting or remarketing game is more robust if you tend to use this feature. You can retarget them based on specific metrics too. These are also great ways to kickstart your campaign’s awareness.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the best tools that you can use for fundraising. You can get many benefits by including the tips mentioned above in your campaign marketing strategy. Such as gaining followers, increasing your exposure, finding new donors, and more. So use all the features Instagram provides to run your campaign efficiently. Also, you can market your fundraising campaigns on Instagram, starting with a minimal to large budget. 

Which feature did you use the most to popularize your fundraising campaign on Instagram? Please let us know in the comments section below. Happy Fundraising!


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