Business Hours And Phone Numbers For FedEx: How To Get A Human FedEx

Business Hours And Phone Numbers For FedEx

FedEx is an American company with headquarter in Memphis. It provides international delivery services. The company was formerly known as the Federal Express Corporation, later FDX Corporation. 

FedEx has gained a lot of publicity because of its excellent air delivery services. It has had a positive impact on the lives of many people, more so the business owners. 

However, many clients do have challenges when using FedEx. These challenges have increased the need for customer service support.





FedEx Phone Numbers

You can contact the customer support center using the following phone numbers. 

  • 1-800-463-3339: the Canada and United States FedEx office number
  • 1-800-463-3339: U.S. FedEx customer service number
  • 1-800-247-4747: United States global customer service
  • 1-800-238-4461: United States TDD services
  • 1-888-464-0709: Hearing Impaired Service desk
  • 1-800-622-1147: US Billing Inquiries
  • 1-800-463-3339: U.S. luggage Claims 
  • 1-800-332-0807: U.S. Federal Express phone number 

FedEx Business Hours

FedEx does deliveries from Monday up to Friday, between 9 am till 8 pm. You can also pay for extra unique service and have your goods delivered o weekends. 

FedEx also has the evening delivery, between 5 pm and 8 pm. It’s an excellent option for those who aren’t always at home during the day. 

To access the customized home delivery services, call FedEx 1800 or Go FedEx 1-800-463-3339 for guidance on how to get FedEx home delivery contact.

Additionally, the FedEx drivers can arrive later than 8 pm to do deliveries for some special packages.  

How To Speak To Get Human FedEx And Contact Properly

Speaking to a human at FedEx can be a daunting experience. This is because the process is quite long and tricky. However, it is worthwhile a try. The humans at FedEx are understanding and easy to deal with. They do offer instant solutions to any client’s issues.

FedEx has several contact information. The FedEx main number is 1-800-463-3339. To talk to a human, call FedEx at1-800-463-3339 and ask for more options. Say “more options” again and press seven on the first prompt. 

Repeat more options and click on seven at the second prompt. On the third prompt, Press 8 or say something else. After that, patiently wait as you get redirected to a human at FedEx.

The customer service representatives are available 24 hours, 7days a week. Therefore the FedEx call center hours are not limited. You can contact them through calls at any hour and day.

FedEx Mail Address Details

A mailing address gives that professional corporate look that every business or company wants. In business, it’s always about first impressions, and a mail guarantees this. Here are some of the FedEx mailing addresses. Here are some of the FedEx email addresses.

FedEx TDD customer service operations:

3885 Airways Blvd. 

Module J, 

2nd floor

Memphis, TN 38116

Surface Expedite:

FedEx Customer Relations

3875 Airways, 

Module H3 Department 4634

Memphis, TN 38116

White-Glove Services:

FedEx Custom Critical

1475 Boettler Road

Uniontown, OH 44685-9584

P.O. Box 5000

Green, OH 44232-5000

FedEx Custom Critical

1475 Boettler Road

Uniontown, OH 44685-9584

P.O. Box 5000

Green, OH 44232-5000

FedEx Truckload BrokerageSM:

FedEx Truckload Brokerage

1475 Boettler Road

Uniontown, OH 44685-9584

P.O. Box 5000

Green, OH 44232-5000

FedEx cargo claims department:

P.O.Box 26628

Salt Lake City, UT 84126

FedEx Live Chat And Email Options

Live chat is one of the most dynamic communication tools. Live chat helps build a better customer relationship. Great businesses know the benefits of using live chat and how it increases clients’ satisfaction and sales. 

FedEx has an excellent live chat customer support interface. Clients can chat with their representatives from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. 

The Live chat service can be accessed from the FedEx customer service platform. FedEx does not have live support through email.

FedEx Social Media Pages

Today, almost everyone has a social media account. In business, Social media is an excellent tool for both customers and the company. It gives the customers a chance to interact with the company and get quick feedback. 

Almost half of the United States learns about products and services from social media.  Many businesses offer customer support services using various social media platforms. FedEx has several social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Their page name is FedEx and is the same across all their social media platforms. You can learn more about FedEx services from their YouTube and Pinterest accounts.

FedEx Top five Management Team

1. CEO

Frederick W. Smith is the Founder, CEO, and the Chairman of FedEx Corporation. 

His core responsibilities are: providing strategic guidance and direction to FedEx Corporation and its subsidiary companies.  The operating companies include FedEx Ground, Express, Logistics, and freight.

2. President, COO, and Co-CEO

Raj Subramanian, from Trivandrum, India, is the president, director, and chief operating officer at FedEx Corporation. He was named the president and chief operating officer in February 2019. 

Before, he held various marketing and operation roles at FedEx operating companies.  He boasts of having more than thirty years of experience in the FedEx industry. 

His vast leadership experience, insights, and keen focus on globalization have led to the growth of FedEx. He is also responsible for several transformations in the FedEx Corporation. 

3. CFO and Executive Vice president

Mike Lenz deals with all the financial issues of FedEx Corporation. They include financial planning, internal audits, tax, accounting, and corporate development. 

He joined FedEx in 2005. He has 16 years of experience in finance and the transportation industry.  Mike Lenz is in the five-member committee, which plans and implements strategic business activities.

4. The Executive vice president, general counsel, and secretary

Mark Allen assumed this position in October 2017. He is responsible for all the legal issues of FedEx Corporation. He directs FedEx’s domestic and international legal, government affairs, and security.  

He ensures FedEx business activities and deals are done according to international, local, state, and federal government regulations. 

Mark Allen is also a member of the FedEx committee that has five members. The committee plans and implements the strategic business initiatives for FedEx. 

He has helped the corporation to win some vital aviation deals. He has helped to establish good relationships between FedEx and various governments. This has made him a pivotal contributor to FedEx’s global growth. 

5. Executive Vice President, CIO, and Information services 

Robert Carter joined FedEx in 1993. He is also a member of the famous five-person committee. He has more than 35 years of system development and implementation experience.  

His crucial role in ensuring the FedEx technology, which includes: application, website, data centers, and networks, are functioning well.


FedEx is one of the most popular shipment companies in the world. It’s known for fast and reliable deliveries and has three main divisions. 

The FedEx express focuses on time-sensitive deliveries in more than 220 countries, FedEx Freight and FedEx ground, which deliver small packages.

FedEx delivery times vary due to several reasons: the fragility of the goods, distance, national holidays, and many more. 

FedEx also has an excellent customer service team that solves the various problems affecting clients like delayed deliveries and changing addresses. The superb customer service experience has increased customer satisfaction, therefore increasing profits for FedEx. 


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