How To Contact Priceline Live person; How To Speak To A live Agent

How To Contact Priceline Live person is an online travel organization that you can use to find discount rates for travel-associated expenses such as airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. Priceline headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut, and Booking holdings own it. 

This is an industry that requires a lot of constant communication between clients and the company. For this reason, there are multiple communication channels you could use to communicate with Priceline staff;

Priceline Contact List

There are several customer service numbers that you can call to get help on your travel plans. If you want to contact Priceline live person them most of these numbers will lead you to that;

  • 1-800-735-8000: To check the status of your cruise purchase
  • 1-646-813-0122: To check purchased reservations for international rental cars.
  • 44-203-027-7900: To check purchases you made through
  • (08) 8252-7497:  Priceline help desk direct line.
  • 877-477-5807: the United States and Canada Priceline flights contact
  • 1-888-769-6105: Filing a claim for travel insurance 

Travel is made possible through airlines partnering with Priceline. You will need an airline confirmation code when contacting your carrier. These are some of the major airline contacts you will need to make your experience smoother.

  • 1-888-247-2262: for Air Canada
  • 1-800-252-7522: for Alaska Airlines
  • 1-800-221-1212: for Delta Airlines
  • 801-401-9000: for Frontier Airlines
  • 1-800-367-5320: for Hawaiian Airlines
  • 1-800-433-7300: for American Airlines
  • 1-800-538-2583: for JetBlue Airways
  • 1-855-728-3555: for Spirit airlines
  • 1-651-905-2737: for Sun Country Airlines
  • 1-800-864-8331: for United Airlines

Priceline Business Hours 

Priceline service hours are tailored to help you during the day when most rental car companies, hotels, and planes are taking up customers.

The customer service and the business center open starting 9 am up to 5.30 pm on all weekdays except Thursday. On Thursday, they open from 9 am to 9 pm.

Customer service and business center are open starting  9 Am until 5 pm on Saturday, and on Sunday, they are open from 11 am to 5 pm. Holidays also follow the same schedule to ensure that all customers are satisfied.

Fault and technical teams are operational all day long throughout the year. They are available even on public holidays and weekends to ensure you get all the services you need.

How To Contact A Real Person In Priceline

  • To talk to an agent, you can dial 877-477-5807. 
  • You will then enter your phone number or the Priceline trip number.
  • You will then state your concern, and you will wait to be connected to an expert. The problem with calls is that you will have to wait for almost 20 minutes to talk to the agent.

Priceline’s Social Media Links

A company like Priceline thrives on customer satisfaction. They, therefore, have several social media platforms that they use to help them know what their customers need. Some of the most focused on platforms include;

  • Facebook page. Priceline has more than 667k fans on Facebook, and the number is growing. This would be a good platform to send a message to Priceline or see what other customers think. Go to to view more.
  • Twitter is the best place to have a conversation with Priceline. You will connect with other users and share experiences and messages from Priceline. Their page is for amazing conversations.
  • Instagram was put into focus by Priceline about a year ago, and it has been a big part of their marketing strategy. You can follow them @priceline to see photos and videos of various offers and destinations.

Priceline Online Chat And Email Options

Priceline allows you to chat with an expert one on one to get specific help to your issue. The Priceline online chat feature allows for better service without the need or a phone call, you can send a text to the expert, and you will be helped.

You can also get help through emails. The response may take up to 24 hours, so it is not the best option if you are in a rush. But if you have time, here are some emails you could use to communicate with customer service

  • [email protected]. This is the customer service email; you will get a response to this email within 24 hours of your request.
  • [email protected] if you need help with filing a travel insurance claim offered by Allianz Global Assistance through Priceline.

Priceline Help Pages

There are web pages full of information and solutions to the most common issue faced by customers. You could go to to see what issues have been raised and possible fixes for them.

You can also post your issue and get a response from the Priceline help desk. This will be helpful to you and others who might have the same problem in the future.

Priceline CEO And Top staff

The secret behind the success of any organization is good management. Priceline is no exception; here is the list of their high ranking staff and the positions they hold;

  • Brett Keller is the CEO of Priceline, which is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. He has been at Priceline for over 20 years, during which he played essential roles in building the company. He was initially the Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Matthew Tynan is Priceline’s Chief financial officer. He is in charge of all finance matters, including accounting, financial planning, and analysis. He started in Priceline as a business analyst in 2000 and made his way up in the company.
  • Heidi Garfield has been Senior Vice President and General Counsel since November 2020, when she joined Priceline. 
  • Kevin Heery has been the Chief Product Officer since March 2017. He is tasked with creating the best user experiences to keep all customers satisfied.
  • Brigit Zimmerman is the Senior Vice President, Hotel, Flight, and Packages at Priceline. She took the position in 2013.
  • Bill Jose is Priceline’s Senior Vice President, Rental cars, and he is responsible for running the car rental service offered by Priceline.
  • Ben Harrell is the Chief Marketing Officer, and his role is to oversee all marketing activities in the company.


Priceline is a great way to make your travel plans more affordable and less stressful. With Priceline, you will even have travel insurance, ensuring that everything you carry is replaced in damage or loss.

There are numerous phone numbers you can call to get services and help from the Priceline help desk. You can also get to them through their social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Social media and help pages would be better than calling since there is a lot of waiting when you make a phone call.

Priceline chat will offer you a quick fix to your solutions. You will talk to a professional who will help you with whatever issue you have. You could also send an email which will get a response in less than 4 hours.


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