StockX Phone Numbers And Business Hours: How To Contact StockX Customer Service

StockX Phone Numbers And Business Hours

StockX was founded in 2016 by Greg Schwartz, Josh Luber, Gilbert Dan, and Chris Kaufman. It’s an international online marketplace; it resells clothing, with a focus on sneakers. 

StockX has grown immensely; in 2020, it introduced electronics such as smartphones, game consoles, and computer hardware. Due to outstanding leadership, StockX has been able to win some great deals with numerous celebrities. 

In 2017 it collaborated with Eminem to raise funds for the greater Houston community. It has several international offices such as Eindhoven, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. 

StockX Phone Number List

The customer service representatives are among the most critical teams in the business. They help build a more excellent relationship between the clients and the company.

They help solve customer problems, make suggestions about a purchase and even answer the client’s questions. 

Currently, StockX does not have a functioning StockX customer service number. However, it does have a dedicated team that offers instant help on your sale or purchase. 

You can contact the StockX customer service representatives directly on their page or via chat. 

StockX Hours Of Operation

StockX has excellent customer service hours. They are favorable to all groups, i.e., even the working group that comes home late can access their support services. The StockX business hours are between 4 am to 9 pm EST, seven days a week. 

The United Kingdom and the United States users can access the live chat from 9 am – 9 pm, Monday to Friday. On weekends, the live chat is available from 10 am to 6 pm EST. 

How To Contact StockX Live Agent

Unfortunately, there is no way you can talk to a live agent in StockX. This is simply because they don’t have a customer service phone number. 

Regardless, the support team at StockX is always available 24/7, and you can get in touch with them by submitting a support request.  

StockX Social Media Pages

StockX has several media accounts. You can learn or enquire about their services through their social media accounts. Below are some of the accounts and their links:




The StockX Mailing Address

The StockX mailing address is 1046 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48226 United States.

StockX Email And Live Chat Options

StockX does offer live chat services. Live chats do work like any other chat messaging platform such as Twitter and Facebook. Generally, live chat is quite exciting and faster compared to email. 

Businesses have employed it because it increases customer satisfaction. If discussion is available in your country, you can access it through the chat icon from the StockX website. The icon is always located at the bottom left corner of the website. 

The website also has some valid pages to check your orders or find some possible solution. If an agent is not available, the question or message will be automatically saved, and you will get a response via email.  

However, the StockX response time does vary; however they contact within 24 hours, StockX support team strives to offer responses as soon as possible.

You should submit one case per issue. The feedback from StockX can be slower during weekends, holidays, and nights. 

Almost all business offers the email support. It’s easy to use, fast, cheap, and very accessible. StockX provides email support and has a great team on the other side that does offer quick replies. 

You can get their customer support services through StockX email: [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact them via email using through StockX contact form. 

StockX Important Help Pages & Frequently Asked Questions

Another option of getting in touch with StockX is by engaging them via their official contact us page on their website. Some of the commonly asked question about the platform include;

1. How StockX Works

The StockX works like the stock market. Unlike the real stock market, StockX involves the selling and buying of tangible goods. The seller’s place asks while the buyers make bids. 

The seller must list the item for sale; alternatively, he/she can sell the item immediately to the highest bidder. When ask and the bid match, the transaction is automatically completed. 

If a match is found, the seller sends the item for authentication to StockX within two business days. After successful authentication, the item is shipped to the buyer, and funds are released for the seller.

2. How To Cancel StockX order

You cannot cancel a StockX order. Once a sale occurs, it impossible to withdraw a bid or ask. The policy was put in place to maintain the integrity of the marketplace. This helps StockX to confirm whether the bids and asks are dependable, genuine, and active.

However, if the item you have received has any problem, you must contact the StockX customer service team within three business days of receiving it. The team will find the best and fair available solution.

3. How long does it take to receive my order?

Often, it will take about 9-12 business days, excluding holidays and weekends. 

StockX CEO And Other Upper Staff

StockX is an American company; it provides an online platform for buyers and sellers. It was established in 2015. StockX headquarters is in 1046 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, in Michigan. Currently, it has 800 employees.

The company has been in operation for five years now. The company is run by a nine-member team. The current StockX CEO is Scott Cutler, Josh Luber is a co-founder, and Chris Kaufman is a co-founder and chief designer.

Greg Schwartz is a co-founder and chief operating officer. Derek Morrison is the senior director of Europe, while Men (JJ) Jiang is the VP/GM international. Diana Robison is the content vice president, and Tracy Cote, the Chief people officer. 


StockX is doing something unique and extraordinary in eCommerce. It’s reinventing how the most loved goods are bought and sold. StockX market places offer an array of products from sneakers, collectibles, and electronics.

It does provide a fair worldwide field for both the buyers and sellers. Its primary focus is always on the price and authenticity of the products. This ensures that the transaction is reliable, fair, and transparent. 

Right now, StockX is working to increase its sales to 20,000+ sales per day. These sales will, in turn, increase the valuation of StockX. 

It will make it a multibillion-dollar company. Having an excellent customer care team that helps solves the clients’ issues will surely increase customers and help them retain the existing ones. 


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