6 Teen Issues And How To Solve Them

6 Teen Issues And How To Solve Them

It seems like it has never been more challenging to be a teenager than it is today. Now we know that some of you may disagree with this ascertainment but that’s actually the reality. Just because some aspects of their lives are streamlined due to technology, it doesn’t mean that they are living milk-and-honey lives.

By virtue of social media platforms, these children frequently feel judged, and humiliated, like they’re never good enough, etc. Sadly, lots of parents today do nothing but criticize their kids and add more and more items to their list of complaints, instead of finding a way to help them.

Let’s never forget that the teen years are the most fragile ones and all of us need to be aware of the downsides they come with. That’s precisely one of the reasons why today we decided to discuss this topic and see what needs to be done to help them out.

The Most Common Problems Teenagers Deal With 

First On The List – Body Image

A vast majority of teens experience this issue at some point. That’s because, during that child-to-adult transition, their body is drastically changing and morphing into new size and shape. And the truth is, not everybody will be thrilled with the person they see in the mirror.

The kid they’ve known their entire life is gone and now they have to get used to someone who is hairy, clumsy, rebellious, zitty, has excess weight and so many other things. And that’s when (unfortunately) eating disorders come into play.

The most common ones are bulimia and anorexia, which typically begin before and during adolescence and strikes young people between the ages of 12 and 20. What’s the main cause of these disorders?

Dissatisfaction with their body. Namely, they frequently perceive themselves as too big and will do whatever it takes to alter their perception and look slimmer. So what to do in these instances?

For starters, be the biggest support you can be. This will show them how much you care which is essential in these types of situations. And then, be sure to talk to the school to see whether they can help you find a doctor who is going to help your kid get/feel better.


It’s oftentimes hard to tell the difference between teenage depression and just them being defiant and moody. As previously stated teenage years can be very rough and tough on their sensitive minds.

Therefore, if you notice that your child has withdrawn into himself/herself (for more than a few days), has completely lost interest in anything, and is continuously in a negative mood, then it’s time to seek help. 

What are your options then? Don’t worry, depression can successfully be treated in the depression treatment center. However, in order for any treatment to be successful, you must act on time and not wait for this illness to completely take over your kid’s mind.

So what can you expect from these treatment centers? Out there, your child is going to receive the proper support, care, understanding, and empathy which are the most important things during these challenging times.

What Else Needs To Be Mentioned?

An Increasingly Common Occurrence – Bullying 

The statistics regarding bullying are sadly very devastating. According to them, almost twenty-five percent of teenagers are dealing with it, and it’s mostly because of social media platforms. It appears to be that cyberbullying has replaced bullying and has become the most common form of harassment. 

In order to prevent it, it would be advisable to talk to your teenager on a regular basis and give them some advice concerning what needs to be done in case they become a target. It’s crucial in these situations to be proactive and remind them to immediately talk to you in case they experience something like this. 

We know that it can be pretty difficult for them to open up and discuss this topic, but they should constantly be reminded that asking for help is never a sign of weakness but instead a sign of courage.

Emotional Changes

When hormones are raging it may be very difficult for your teen to cope with these changes, in both emotional and physical ways. In these instances, teenagers are oftentimes torn between their desires as kids and duties that must be executed as growing adults.

Puberty doesn’t come easy, and at times, it can be a huge emotional roller-coaster ride. And that’s completely normal. So what can you do then? There are numerous steps that can be taken to help your child overcome these issues:

  • For starters, tell your kid that it’s completely normal to feel the way he/she is feeling
  • Listen to their needs, struggles, and problems, and try not to be judgmental
  • Give advice only if asked
  • Share the struggles you’ve had as a teenager just to show them that you understand what they are going through

Substance Abuse

During these years, teens find drugs, alcohol, and smoking very appealing, tempting, and fashionable and they think they are cool if they are part of the crowd. If you want to properly deal with this issue, first and foremost, try to figure out why they are doing it in the first place.

Keep in mind that kids who live with parents who drink and smoke on a daily basis will more likely succumb to these vices, especially at an early age. Just remember that old saying “Monkey See-Monkey Do”. So make sure to set a better example.

Time Management

This is a relatively common problem, especially if your kid is continuously anxious. Then even the smaller tasks can become huge obstacles, which is why they oftentimes struggle with managing their time properly.

If that’s the case with your child right now, then the best thing that you can do is to teach him/her how to break bigger, more serious obligations into smaller chunks and tackle the simplest parts first. This is going to simplify everything.

As stated in the beginning, teenage years are far from easy, however, you have two options in these types of situations. You can either sink or swim. If you want your child to thrive and work on becoming the best version of themselves, then you must follow some of these tips above (depending on the issue).


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