5 Innovative Technologies That Will Impact SEO Soon

 5 Innovative Technologies That Will Impact SEO Soon

The digital world is so multifaceted! The SEO technology market sets trends every day. That way, you need to be aware of the latest changes in SEO to become a real expert in your field.

We present to your attention the following emerging SEO technologies. No doubt, they will be in high demand in the near future.

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This advanced SEO technology has only begun to gain popularity. However, they predict 2022 will be a starting point for its development. Artificial intelligence may perform various tasks like speech and image recognition, natural language processing and machine translation. 

Still, how can AI affect SEO? It carries out automated keyword research, content creation and analysis. The SEO workflows automation, raising traffic and site growth are under its jurisdiction too. Artificial intelligence will facilitate your working process and help to create killing content. Just stick to the forthcoming tips.

Trust your content writing to AI

It is very convenient if a machine completes sentences, writes paragraphs, page meta titles and descriptions. It may also answer questions and generate featured snippets in a few clicks. Just give it a shot and content creation won’t be time-taking.

Accelerate optimizing SEO with AI

Content optimization is a crucial issue, especially in the publishing industry. AI may easily cope with title and meta tag building, outline content and text generation. Operations like sentence correction, translation, researching, paragraph rewriting are available as well. It sounds incredible, but AI does even semantic content analysis, thus simplifying work for writers.

Make Google searching planer

It is quite complicated to understand how Google searchability algorithms operate. Then AI comes to the rescue. It will put relevance, quality and value of content in order. Such actions will certainly make SEO marketers and specialists deviate from common keyword-obsessed content in favor of more inspired ones. Thus, page users may find necessary information due to exact words and related topics.

2. Guest Posting

The SEO technology market gradually began to practice guest posts. Their application covers articles published on someone’s website. The first thing to do is define the goal for your guest blogging. It is a clue in determining the appropriate type of blog we need. There are commonly three chief guest posting aims.

Assuring your credible and authoritative name in the business. To accomplish this task with flying colors, try to look for blogs with a broader and more engaged audience.

Setting back traffic to the website. Doing a prosperous business in SEO is impossible without a well traffic site. If your PR hasn’t been updated since 2013, you may think nothing will help. This is not the case. An experienced PR backlinks company will certainly drive your sites to the top. 

Building qualitative backlinks. The guest blogging process isn’t a piece of cake. So if you want to get the desired outcome, examine all the pitfalls of its management. There are numerous sources that give a total awareness of how link building works, but mikegingerich.com is out of competition.

You may achieve all these goals for sure if the suitable kind of content is in your arsenal.

3. Mobile Search

Can you imagine your life without a smartphone? It is just irreplaceable. We are dealing with the content optimization process for the best website rankings through mobile devices when it comes to mobile SEO. Google is the most admired search engine of all possible. It takes the lion’s share of the mobile search market used today. Still, why should we consider mobile SEO seriously?

It is experiencing a powerful rise now. Compared to desktop searches, customers prefer using their mobile devices to find information. So if you strive to increase traffic, then boost your mobile SEO Google technology.

Mobile search promotes selling. Most people will choose mobile to do online shopping. Google research shows that buyers’ advantage is reading product feedback and watching video reviews via a smartphone rather than a PC.

Overall, you will reach plenty of customers and get better user engagement if mobile search optimization is prioritized.

4. Voice Search

Almost everyone uses virtual assistants daily. Looking for information and services, finding locations, giving directions and answering the requested questions. That’s all about voice search helpers. 

Voice search just started picking up speed in the 2022 SEO technology market. Even so, it is definitely a perspective tool that may fully change your business. To achieve optimization success for voice search technology, we recommend studying your customer type and device behavior. Then work on the relevance, conciseness and context. Ultimately, create pages answering FAQs that start with adverbs such as what, when, where, why, and how. Keeping to all the foregoing will greatly enlarge your website visitors flow. 

5. (VR) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is currently on everyone’s lips. You can consider it an arena only for tech enthusiasts and gamers, but it has strong marketing potential to implement. The SEO world is a vivid example.

Speaking about online content, you may try diverse Google tools like Google Street View and VR View for your filmed VR and 360-degree video distribution. Thanks to this, social sharing activity on various platforms will noticeably influence rankings. All you have to do is create unique online video content or graphics. Then we guarantee an impressive audience engagement and good stable traffic.


The SEO industry is constantly progressing. Innovations appear every day, offering multiple promotion ways. If you wish to hit a home run, then take these emerging technologies on board. Try out and hit the jackpot!


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