LG Refrigerator Does Not Work: Reasons And Solutions

LG Refrigerator Does Not Work

LG refrigerator stops working for various reasons. This may be a banal power outage in the house or serious breakdowns of its components. For example, failure of a compressor, control system, start-up relay, freon leakage, etc. The exact cause of the breakdown can only be detected after the diagnostics. Let’s take a closer look at the possible reasons and solutions in the article below.

The Most Common Failures Of LG Refrigerators

In the world market, household appliances of the LG brand are in great demand. Refrigerators and freezers of the brand are distinguished by reliability, durability, and good performance. But, it is impossible to completely eliminate breakdowns and equipment failure. Equipment breaks down due to improper installation and operation, voltage drops in the network, as a result of wear and tear of the main components and assemblies, and various other reasons. If you already know what problem your fridge has, do not hesitate to contact the LG authorized repair near me in Toronto, Ottawa and GTA to fix the malfunction.

The stable temperature in the refrigerating chamber and ideal conditions for storing food are the advantages of the LG brand. The operation of the No Frost system allows owners to refuse periodic defrosting of the fridge. But even the most reliable refrigerator can fail for various reasons. The main breakdowns of LG equipment are:

  • The compressor malfunctions when the unit stops cooling the air in the chambers, freezes food, or turns off immediately after starting.
  • Problems with the electronics can be caused by a short circuit, burnout of individual elements, or the entire control module. Such breakdowns are eliminated by qualified masters of the service center.
  • Freon leaks are also a common problem. Mechanical damage to the evaporator leads to the formation of cracks into which the refrigerant evaporates.
  • In the refrigerating chamber, the system of dry freezing of products may fail. It is quite difficult to find the cause of the malfunction and fix it yourself.
  • Users may experience several small defects, such as loss of tightness of the sealing, clogging of the drainage system, failure of temperature sensors, etc.

Any problem related to the cold air supply, improper operation of the electronic control or compressor motor or defrost system requires the involvement of an experienced technician. In such cases, the repair will be effective and will take a minimum of time.

No Frost System Doesn’t Work

Modern No Frost systems are installed on almost all models of LG refrigerators. These systems are reliable and durable. The purpose of the systems is the automatic defrosting of the chambers, and the prevention of rapid freezing. The Full No Frost function greatly simplifies the maintenance of the freezer and refrigerator.

Most often, the breakdown of the system is associated with the failure of the fan. Checking the mechanical part is carried out by scrolling the blades. If the rotation of the impeller occurs without interference, the electronic part is tested. It is enough for the master to check the starter circuit, and if there is a break, to replace it.

Another failure of the system is the failure of the fuser. This failure is detected after testing with a multimeter. In some cases, the electronic timer fails; to check and replace it, it is also necessary to call the master.

Breakdowns of the No Frost system can be recognized by the loud operation noise inside the freezer. Water leaks on the floor and next to the refrigerator also indicate a malfunction of the module. The No Frost system is difficult to self-diagnose and repair, so it’s best to contact a service center.

Risks Of Self-Repair

In addition to the above malfunctions, there are other breakdowns that owners of LG home appliances face. In some cases, you can independently check and eliminate the defect, in other situations, repairs are carried out by service organizations. Professional repair may be required in the following cases:

  • If the tightness of the refrigerator doors is lost, the sealing rubber bands should be replaced;
  • Freon leaks are eliminated with a preliminary detection of the defect place, soldering of copper pipes, and recharging the system with refrigerant;
  • Cleaning the drainage system is required if there is frost inside the chambers, or if puddles of water are detected under the refrigerator.

Self-repair of LG household appliances is possible with certain experience and skills, and the appropriate tools. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to find and eliminate the defect. In most cases, self-repair only complicates the situation, so repairing the refrigerator becomes more difficult and expensive. Therefore, contacting a service center is the best option. It is necessary to call a qualified technician at the first sign of a breakdown.


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