9 Smart Tips On How To Ignore Bad Neighbors: Number 9 Is A Must-Know

9 Smart Tips On How To Ignore Bad Neighbors

How can you ignore bad neighbors and live like they don’t exist? Honestly, bad neighbors are everywhere. Packing from one street to another, trying to avoid neighbors you think are from hell isn’t going to solve your problem.

Instead of running away, why not apply specific tips you’re about to find out to overcome and live problem-free with that neighbor who is bent on making your life unbearable.

Continue reading to know how you can achieve this feat.

1. Play Detective:

Oh yes, you need to play detective to understand and live amicably with some neighbors.

Playing detective doesn’t mean you have to break into their house to find stuff about them. The task is to find out why they act the way they do.

Your neighbor might not be lousy, weird, hostile, or troublesome because he or she wants to. It might have happened due to certain circumstances the individual has faced in life.

Most people acting wicked, hostile, lousy or troublesome today were once kind people. They might have changed after being let down by someone they trusted in the past with all their life or due to other life experiences.

Please get to know your neighbor a little bit before concluding that he or she is bad. Was he or she hurt? What problem is that proposed bad neighbor bottling up that causes him or her to explode at the slightest provocation?

When you find out the problem the individual you have tagged a bad neighbor is facing, you might even choose to love and respect them for who they are.

2. Be The Mature One In Every Situation: 

Some bad neighbors are ready to throw everything aside and engage you in a fight. But when you stay quiet and don’t make fight moves, you will avert the trouble.

See yourself as the bigger person. Tell yourself that you have more to lose by getting into a fight with that neighbor. Always act more mature in every situation that could degenerate into a conflict or big disagreement with that lousy neighbor.

An adage says one should never fight with a pig. Why? You are most certainly going to land in the pit and come out dirty like the pig.

So, if you engage your neighbor in a fight, take it that others may see you at an equal level with that lousy neighbor, and you could lose any respect they have left for you.

3. Request To Talk Things Over:

Most bad neighbors may likely not grant you an audience if you ask to speak with them on a specific niggling issue.

But there’s nothing wrong with trying. So approach that troublesome neighbor and ask them for a chance to talk things over in a friendly and comfortable place. But let it be away from the neighborhood.

The reason is that some bad neighbors like drawing the attention of others to themselves so that people would dread them the more.

So, if you want the conversation with your bad neighbor regarding the dispute that you both had to be peaceful, consider taking them to a lovely, calm, serene, and good-looking place.

4. Never Gossip About Others:

One dangerous thing about gossip is that you can’t tell who the person you’re sharing secrets with will talk to at the end of the conversation you both had.

Assuming the gossip was about your lousy neighbor. Then he or she later discovered that you have been talking behind his or her back. How do you think the individual would react?

You will become a target to your bad neighbor by gossiping about them to other people you’re not sure would keep the discussion confidential as you expected.

So, never gossip or give room for others to discuss about your lousy neighbor in your presence. Walk away as quickly as you can when you come across such discussions or gossips.

5. Consider Your Likes And Dislikes Before Moving Into Any Neighborhood:  

The one big mistake many people make when moving into a new home is that they don’t examine the neighborhood.

You should spend quality time to examine your proposed new neighbors, and see if there are any like or dislike that can make you unhappy while living there.

Don’t just spend time checking out the interiors of the house alone. Consider the outside environment, including how the people and things around the house would impact your stay.

For example, are you seeking a quiet environment? Then avoid moving into a house with neighbors that have kids that likes playing and making noises outdoor.

Does your proposed new neighbor enjoy loud music while you don’t? Then it’s best if you look for a house somewhere else. Otherwise, you will be getting into serious arguments or fights with your bad neighbor now and then.

The bottom line here is to not only dwell on the interiors and cuteness of your new apartment before buying or renting it. It would help if you also pay more attention to the outside environment. How calm are your proposed neighbors?

Again, if you’re careful and observant, you should be able to smell a bad neighbor from miles away, even before interacting with them.

6. Understand Your Neighborhood’s Governing Laws:

Visit your county or local city homepage to acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations that govern your neighborhood. What are the dos and don’ts?

Know the rules for noise pollution, junk cars, and leaving your lawn unattended to for an extended period.

The rules governing neighborhoods in your area can make a living with a bad neighbor much easier. So, try to understand what the rules state and how you can use it to keep your bad neighbor in check.

Some bad neighbors might not want to talk things out with you amicably. If you find yourself in such a position, don’t keep calm about it.

Contact the local authorities in charge of your area and file a complaint against that bad neighbor. Don’t worry about souring the relationship between you two; it was never going to work out in the first place.

You can file the complaint at your neighborhood’s county office, local police station, or homeowners association.

If the lousy neighbor is found guilty of the crime he or she is being accused of, they may have to pay a fine. The punishment would be according to the rules governing the neighborhood.

7. Gather As Much Evidence As You Can:

It could be your word against your neighbor’s when you both appear in court or when you both get invited by the authorities. Who wins? It’s the neighbor with enough evidence to prove his or her claim.

So, don’t think you can outshine your bad neighbor or get the authorities to be on your side by laying mere accusations. If you want to get justice quick and put your bad neighbor in their place, start gathering evidence.

The evidence could be a video recording, voice recording, pictures, or finding someone willing to testify against that bad neighbor.

So, be the smart one. Install a surveillance camera in your home, somewhere that your neighbor won’t be able to detect.

You can also use a mobile phone to record voice conversations between you and your neighbor to tender as part of the evidence when called in for questioning by the authorities.

8. Never Make Baseless Assumptions:

Another mistake most people make is making baseless assumptions. What made you think that your neighbor’s dog is barking uncontrollably even when your neighbor is in the house? Or, what made you believe that your neighbor’s lawn looks untidy when he or she is around?

Before you conclude and tag your new neighbor bad or lazy, attempt to know the rationale behind such a decision, as it could be that the reason your neighbor can’t mow the lawn or take proper care of the barking dog is that he or she is ill.

So, why not check up on your neighbor and see how he or she is doing? Your neighbor might be unwell and need help. He or she might be going through depression or something even worst.

You won’t know why your neighbor acts the way he or she does until you come close. And if she’s sick or depressed, try to show love. If possible, you can request to mown their lawn for free or contact someone who does that for a fee and pay the person yourself.

The truth is this type of kindness can help to smooth the heart of your bad neighbor. People change, and one or two little acts of kindness can change a person from bad to good.

9. Consider The Gravity Of The Offense Before Alerting The Authorities:

You don’t have to call in the cops or homeowners association because of a little disagreement you had with your neighbor. Instead, try other means to resolve the issue.

Calling the cops on your neighbor when you don’t feel threatened is a wrong move. It would further strain the already low relationship between both of you.

So, is your life under threat? Did your neighbor threaten to harm you? If so, then call in the cops before things get out of hand. You shouldn’t take people’s threats lightly.


Dealing with a bad neighbor is challenging as most of us have had our fair share of such experiences. This set of neighbors enjoys keeping malice with other people. They take pride in creating enmities with neighbors, friends, and relatives.

So, if you find yourself amid bad neighbors, usel the tips in this post to handle them and live peacefully.

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